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Re: Discuss CAT 2008 Analysis and Experience
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Re: Discuss CAT 2008 Analysis and Experience - November 16th, 2008

Ah well, my first attempt for CAT ... Quite Interesting

The kids flocking the Thakur College gates was like thirsty men fighting to get hold of the only waterpump in a desert. This moment I got an idea that this is what our future managers are

I felt better, standing away with a few patient and composed gentlemen waiting for the rush to ease. So my eyes naturally went on to notice the pretty gals, some on scooty, some with parents, some with a groups of friends (as if this was a movie outing) ... Whtever!

Going back in time, a few hours back -- Just past midnight I was sitting at my desk, just back from a good long outing with cousins. I had the opportunity then to have a first look at the CAT paper pattern. Yes the FIRST look. (For the extra-serious kinds, who prepared a year for CAT - You can stop reading here).

While purchasing the CAT forms from AXIS bank, some gentlemen from CareerForum had handed me this paper in a envelop ... So its true that I never prepared for this test, nor did I know whats coming. Though I can give the excuse that I don't believe in taking coaching for entrance exams, fact is that I didn't have the time.

However as I sat in the exam hall I could see all kinds of jokers :P Some extra cheerful wishing best of luck to every tom dick and harry, while some extra studious silent ones. And a very few who looked like they had already secured admission to IIMA (yeah the overcondidents).

So the paper.... It would be quite interesting to know how I did without any preparations. I was able to handle almost everything, except those square-roots and 7 raised to 2008 stuff. Anything that required knowledge of formulas or maths went as a bouncer. Logical ones were hit for boundaries, and I marked a few answers form the passages without reading the passage- as it was plain philosophy. I don't expect any magic, or great score .. but I heard people saying that CAT 2008 was on the easier side...

Ps: Don't mistake me for a Asshole who just went for TP .. I am much worse than that I went to see the tension filled faces and more ...

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