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Re: managers or enterpreneurs -what should be the objective of b-school???
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Smile Re: managers or enterpreneurs -what should be the objective of b-school??? - June 8th, 2006

Originally Posted by gaurav200x
Well... sorry, for the delayed response.... Now lets see...

.......and why?? who are these gainers that we talking about?Is it the country? Is it some people or is it the mass?
hi gaurav
dost all i want to say is taht if u go thru the former converse , i think smhwre we are regressing from the topic as" its nt about which is more imp the entrepreneurship or manager..but the fact that what should bschool studies should aim at ?" for the generalised convention( followed till now!) these curriculum changes can't be done just by thinking of a bunch of innovvative minds...
( as great-II also said,it can't be created......)
decisions have to be taken in general acc to me the answer lies smwhere between the two
1.they just continue with the current they have a subject as
"bussiness ethics" in their curriculum vitae..which is already suffice fr those ignited minds..
2.we can start of with say 1-2 new inst that can act as sharpels fr the crystals( managers) to turn them into diamonds( entrepreneurs)

but as i say "there is no need to change the whole curriculum just fr the sake of a new idea!!!!
gaurav ur comments plss...hahah!!!
take care
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