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Category: Retail Management » Domestic and International Logistics
created 1 day(s) ago - updated 1 day(s) ago by Jasmine Pvk
0 comments, 4 views

Tests of significance are regarded as essential for the establishment of facts. This paper...
Category: Operations Research » Total Quality Management
created 2 day(s) ago - updated 2 day(s) ago by Jasmine Pvk
0 comments, 20 views

This study explored differences between U.S. and Taiwanese firms in measuring, evaluating and...
Category: Accounts » Statistics
created 4 day(s) ago - updated 4 day(s) ago by Jasmine Pvk
0 comments, 4 views

This paper is concerned with UK insolvency practice. It considers how the field of insolvency...
Category: Accounts » Quantitative Techniques
created 6 day(s) ago - updated 6 day(s) ago by Jasmine Pvk
0 comments, 3 views

Turnover in public accounting firms is a critically important issue as firms seek to retain...
Category: Finance » Financial Services
created 7 day(s) ago - updated 7 day(s) ago by Jasmine Pvk
0 comments, 7 views

In their revised conceptual frameworks, the IASB and FASB pronounce that in their view valuation...
Category: Others
created 11 day(s) ago - updated 11 day(s) ago by Jasmine Pvk
0 comments, 9 views

The paper’s purpose is to provide background and practical exercises for management to gain a...
Category: Finance » Financial Analysis
created 11 day(s) ago - updated 11 day(s) ago by Jasmine Pvk
0 comments, 10 views

The most problematic area of any carbon policy debate is the treatment of incumbent CO2...
Category: Accounts » Quantitative Techniques
created 11 day(s) ago - updated 11 day(s) ago by Jasmine Pvk
0 comments, 7 views

The paper aims to examine the value relevance of alternative accounting performance measures in...
Category: Finance » International Finance
created 7 month(s) ago - updated 7 month(s) ago by Sumit Das
0 comments, 174 views

international finance
Category: Case Study » Cases in Operations
created 9 month(s) ago - updated 9 month(s) ago by Ayesha Shaikh
0 comments, 173 views

or renewable energy generators, seamless integration with the electric grid is very important....
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