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Smarter Ways to Excel as an MBA - Pre MBA and Post MBA Tips

Ashish Chowdhary | Wednesday 7 November 2012 ( 0 Comment)

Many people appearing for various MBA exams are plagued with questions like "how to start MBA preparation", or "MBA preparation tips", or "smarter ways to excel in an MBA exam", etc. So I thought to compile a list that would help students to crack MBA exams like CAT in a smarter way as well as help them in their career after MBA degree. Here are 8 ways (you can say 'tips') in an MBA life - pre MBA, during MBA and post MBA:

  1. Let your Mobile do your Work: Mobile phones have really become smarter - perhaps, that is the reason we have what we call "smart phones". When you're preparing for MBA, there are many other things that you need to do apart from remembering the schedule of MBA exams, venues, last date of filling the forms, etc. That is why a smarter way to excel in MBA exams is to let your mobile do the work of remembering the dates of, let us say, CAT 2012, venue of CAT 2012, last date of filling the CAT 2012 forms, etc. You can subscribe to some websites that would remind you about the important dates.

    You can avail of mobile apps like CATapp for CAT 2012 preparation, reminders to remind you of anything, and other apps that would take care of the rest and allow you to focus on your preparation.

  2. One Puzzle a Day: One puzzle a day opens your mind in every way. Puzzles not only improve your logical skills, it also helps you to look at things from different angles. This is really helpful for cracking the quantitative and data interpretation questions in MBA entrance exams. This can also sharpen your brain and help you analyze things in a better way. 

  3. Vedic Mathematics: The quickest way to solve a problem in MBA entrance exams like CAT is to be able to do calculations quickly and correctly. In 1977, Shakuntala Devi, the "human computer", calculated the 23rd root of a 201 digit number 12 seconds faster than the fastest super computer then (Univac-1108)* If you need to crack MBA exams, this is a must for you. Speed and skill are equally important in MBA entrance exams. Vedic Mathematics helps you do calculations faster than solving it on computer, let alone paper. If practiced regularly, it can really be helpful in Quantitative and Data Interpretation section.

  4. Talk to Toppers: 'Agar bada ban na he to bade logo se baat to karni padegi'. One very smart way to excel in MBA exams or become big in life is to follow the footsteps of the toppers in those fields or people who have been there and done it. You can know the strategy of toppers, how they managed pressure, how they were able to reach there, and most importantly what to do and what not to do if you want to achieve something.

    Steve Jobs in his eighth grade decided to build a frequency counter for a school project and needed some parts to complete it. Someone suggested that he call Bill Hewlett. He sifted through the telephone directory and found a William Hewlett in it. The 12-year-old Jobs called up and asked, "Is this the Bill Hewlett of Hewlett-Packard?" "Yes," replied Bill. Jobs made his request. Bill was intrigued enough to spend nearly half an hour with Jobs over the phone. Several days later, Jobs went to HP and picked up a bag full of parts that Bill himself had put together for him.Subsequently, Jobs landed a summer job at HP.

  5. Read Daily: This habit will take you to heights no matter what you do - MBA, job or business. Firstly it improves your communication skills, secondly it enhances your knowledge, thirdly it increases your confidence and fourthly it helps you take informed decisions in your career. Reading can include newspapers, magazines, articles, etc.

  6. Engage in Discussions: Brainstorming is probably the best tool to see where you stand. It can help you crystallise your idea, give you more inputs on a subject, increase your confidence and help you face people. This is really useful in your group discussions, team meetings, launching a new product/service, etc. The more you discuss with people, the crispier your thought process becomes.

  7. Manage People/Business: College is probably the best time to start a business. It doesn't really matter if you have a cool idea or not, because whether you fail or succeed you have your friends to help, professors to mentor and college premises to give you roof to stay.

    If you're working somewhere, manage a team and lead them well. This will help you add credentials to your resume as well as give you confidence of doing MBA or job/business successfully. If you don't get a chance to manage a team, then form a team and organise an event. This way you will be on your own and managing a team.

  8. Take a Break and Think:  Introspection is better than retrospection. All your efforts are a waste if you don't think what you need to do further and how you can improve what you did the last time. We all are so busy with routine chores that we rarely take time out and see deep inside ourselves. We all have immense potential inside us. All we need is to take a break and think how we can improve our lives. This is important because it rejuvenates your mind, it helps you think from a new perspective,  it helps you apply your mind to newer ideas and it helps you focus on other things too.

This article is not just another article in the series of tips to crack CAT and other MBA exams. All the 8 tips are coherently arranged above after taking inspiration from the lives of many successful people. Here is a figure representing these 8 smarter ways to excel as an MBA - pre MBA, during MBA and post MBA:


8 Tips to Excel as an MBA

Hope this helps all the MBA aspirants.

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