Nikhil Khemani (Marketing) speaks about his placement experience
by Manasi Sinari
Category Interviews

Name- Nikhil

College- Welingkar Institute of Management Studies

Course- PGDM (Marketing)

Profile: Sales Manager, retail assets

Q1. Being a student of Welingkar is it a different feeling?

Yes obviously, Welingkar today is one of the most prestigious management institutes in the country today. So it feel really amazing to be a part of this lovely institute

Q2.What is your goal in life?

My super long term goal would be t start my own FMCG company, may be 10 yrs down the line and an MBA from welingkar has developed my business acumen to a great extent

Q3.Did you have a panel to interview you?

 Yes,  there were 3 people in the panel who interviewed me.

Q4.How many rounds did you face for getting a placement?

I had to go through 3 rounds. All the rounds were used for elimination. The rounds are as follows:      

  • The first round was the group discussion
  • 2nd and 3rd rounds consisted of 2 interviews
  • 2nd one being hr and 3rd being technical

Q5.What type of questions were asked?

Questions pertaining to my work experience and all CV based questions like

  1. Tell us something about urself?
  2. Why this bank?
  3.  Why MBA?
  4. What did you do in your summer project at wipro-yardley consumer care?
  5. What was your project about in titan eye plus?
  6.   What was your role in jaycee construction
  7.   And I was made to do a mock selling of home loan..

Q6. Which was the most difficult question to answer?

The most difficult question that I faced was, “Do you know the recent RBI guidelines on rural initiatives?

Q7.Was the interview stressful?

A little stressful  basically the mock selling was stressful

Q8. Where are you going to get placed?

My posting would be in Mumbai only.

Q9.How was the experience?

I was very nervous in the beginning. When I saw the number of students who had applied but once i was through it i was at ease. I know I had a bright chance because my previous work experience was also in sales so it became easy for me to convince the panel to select me

 Q10.Would you like to give some tips to students who would go into your profile?

 Even if you get rejected in interviews, please do not lose confidence in yourself It is only your confidence that counts in the end. I  had to gone through 4 rejections before getting selected with this company. So be confident and wishing all the students all the very best.