Getting Stronger Will Help Few of Your Problems in Life
by Sunanda K. Chavan
Category Miscellaneous

When all you can feel are the shadows turn your face towards the sun

Do we focus on what we want ever? Rather we spend lots of time thinking what’s wrong with us or with the world

Neuroscience research now tells us that whatever you focus on strengthens the neural networks around that type of behaviour. So the carrot and stick approach both work to strengthen the behaviour they make you focus on. That is, using the stick brings the attention to the negative behaviour and hence strengthens the neural networks around the negative behaviour.

Desire to love yourself unconditionally

Be fully emotionally expressive

There are neural networks around the heart which act like another brain.

Denying your feelings might seem like a strategically good thing to do to get what you want but won't feel so good if it results in a heart attack.

Researchers say we have 50-60,000 thoughts every day BUT 90-95% of them are the same ones we had yesterday

Move Your Body Emotional blockages cause the energy to get trapped resulting in physical pain.

To get stronger give things away to others this is an aspect of this in all spiritual teachings.

Never Wait Just act waiting constricts one to a position of hope. Hoping for something or someone to come along and make things right.


Administer Your Focus last but not least is the habit of managing your focus. We create what we habitually focus our attention on. If we focus on what is wrong with the world or us we put energy and intent into that.

Whatever we build in the imagination will accomplish itself in the circumstance of our lives.


Resolve to change and do it.

Only you can build your self-confidence. Believe deeply in yourself because that's the first step.

Don't show fear of anything.

Don't be afraid of tomorrow because it's made to be a mystery, a challenge for you.

Don't be afraid of anyone. Keep in mind that everyone, no matter how strong they look, is afraid of how others will receive them and interact with them.

When you speak, make eye contact, speaking calmly, with confidence, about something you know well, and briefly. People get bored easily.

Actually they're not mistakes , they're just lessons that you could learn from.

Watch other strong people, see how they act in a certain way and learn from them.

Strength training builds the type of mental toughness that physical fighting does. After you’ve been in a fight, it’s like the volume on life get’s turned down and it’s true you’re more able to deal with situations when you’ve tested yourself and continually pulled through. You’ll have more confidence and carry yourself differently too.