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Fecundity at Work Place !
by Sunanda K. Chavan
Category Morale & Productivity


Creation of a dedicated workspace, an office should like an office and not a bedroom or living room. No matter even if it is at home the office should have the feel of office where work is shown up every day. 


Maintaining cleanliness is important having clear desks wherein you work raises your amount of interest in work, the reasons for having desks/offices clean is that

It causes you to feel overwhelmed or depressed

It robs you of energy

It steals 50% of your storage space

It makes running your business harder

You have to look longer and dig deeper to find what you’re looking for

It makes it hard to think straight

Get rid of your clutter and you will instantly boost your productivity

Concentrate when at work, you can have your phones ringer off during work so that your friends or relatives know that you are busy and it’s the work hours.

If you don’t use emails properly then you are wasting whole lot of time behind it. Hence you should be careful while sending mails.

Open office environments are overrated in an environment wherein desks are stacked immediately next to each other will raise distraction at work and no innovation and collaboration.

One can follow the below when it comes workplace productivity:

Implementing natural, people-centered tools

Creating a focused work environment

Shaking-up your workspace every three months

Seeking rags, not riches

Holding focused meetings

Setting focused goals

Don’t eat a lot at work

More and More things may come up taking into consideration the developments taking place in the coprorates new culture may also set in but then getting along with the new culture and not letting yourself behind because you lack the pace to be compititive shall bring down the ladder of progress