Attendance Systems - Getting Employees Being Punctual Automatically
by Sunanda K. Chavan
Category Miscellaneous

What is time and attendance system?

Time and attendance systems are the modern-day equivalent of the paper time sheet or punch clock. They automate day-to-day tasks such as tracking work hours and calculating accrued benefits, providing valuable information and making your business more efficient. An area that is vital to any business is time management, if not used effectively or efficiently it can cost you money and more importantly, your reputation, because if you can't fulfill tasks or projects on time other businesses will lose faith in your ability to deliver and therefore once the trust is broken it is very hard to build back up again.

Almost 80% of the corporate possess such kind of attendance system.

Such systems suit the ones wanting an economical PC Based and feature rich Time and Attendance software.

Easy to use, powerful time and attendance solution that allows you to automate your company's timekeeping and attendance tracking.

Replaces manual payroll process by electronic time and attendance

Accessible anytime, anywhere via the internal emails, giving maximum control and convenience to supervisors, schedulers, and agency heads.

The Attendance Cards serves as an easily available Identification card as well unlike the conventional Electronic Time recorders.

Overtime criteria can be set to control the authorization of overtime thereby reducing overhead cost on un-scheduled overtimes.

Overtime criteria can be set to control the authorization of overtime thereby reducing overhead cost on un-scheduled overtimes.

Earlier people used to waste the precious working time only to fill the hand book but now they do not need to stand in the long queue for marking the attendance due to the introduction of fingerprint time attendance system. The time they used to spend waiting in the queue is the time of their productive hours which they can now very well utilize for their work as everything is now got automated with the fingerprint time attendance system.

Consider that it is common knowledge that time and attendance software is essential for a company with 20 or more part-time employees or companies in manufacturing. In addition, smaller companies can also benefit greatly from some of the tremendous time and attendance programs that are available today. Time and Attendance software saves time and money, reduces and/or eliminates human error while providing a convenient and powerful solution for managing employee time issues..

If you are considering Time and Attendance software, there is good news. The software market for this type of product has become quite broad and there are many great products out there now so it's easy to find exactly what you are looking for and within the budget you have at your disposal. With so many vendors in the marketplace come many choices. This gives greater opportunity and ability to negotiate and obtain exactly what you need. You can surf the internet looking at each product individually and gather information on each one to find the one that is most suited for you. Also, now there are unifying comparison sites too.

Anyways at the end with more amount of technology pumping in the accuracy you need to adhere to and compete with similar amount of accuracy required to be successful. All the delay and procrastination that used to be a common feature while the same thing handled manually will all get eliminated and all your ill points are sure short gonna get public.