Integrated Marketing Communication
by Vaibhav Pulate
Category Marketing

Ashok Leyland Ltd
Vaibhav Pulate
1.1 Brand:
1.2 Objective
1.3 Brand overview
1.4 Sign :
1.5 Long term objective
2.Brand Identity
2.1 Brand Identity:
2.2 Brand identity Prism:
2.2.1 Brand Physique:
2.2.2 Brand personality:
2.2.3 Brand Culture:
2.2.4 Brand Image:
2.2.5 Brand Reflection:
2.2.6 Brand Relationship:
3.Communication mix
3.0 Communication Mix:
3.1 Communicating quote:
3.2 Communicating mix:
3.3 Effect of communication elements are
4.0 Planning Marketing mix:
4.1Identification of Target markets:
4.1.3 Integration of communication:
4.1.4 Budget and resource allocation:
4.1.5 Planning and Scheduling:
5.Touch Points of communication
5.1 Faster Turnaround:
5. 2 More Uptime:
5. 3 Higher Payload:
5. 4 Increased Fuel Efficiency:
5. 5 Greater Comfort & safety:
5. 6 Increased Fuel Efficiency:
6.0 Evaluation:
1.1 Brand: U Truck
1.2 Objective:
To make the innovative platforms of tippers & Tractor trailers from 16 to 49 tons
segment, designed to give superior experience to customer in every way.
The ‘U’ in the U-Truck stands for the customer focus that has to be a mission at
Ashok Leyland
1.3 Brand overview
The U-Truck is a sublimation of Ashok Leyland’s in-depth understanding of the
customer, his requirements, his pain points and converting Leyland’s insight into a
product platforms best-suited for him. It is an innovative, future-ready platform to
set a new benchmark in terms of a holistically superior trucking experience for all.
U truck the new brand designed to establish the truck with faster turn around,
more uptime & higher payload. Taking truck one step closer to customer through
measurable monetary realization faster turn around & higher uptime with higher
The new brand uses Ashok Leyland as the primary identifier for the organization.
To ensure that our identity is always associated with auto industry, the brand
provides extension of Truck brand.
1.4 Sign :
We take U to better fortune
1.5 Long term objective:
The U-Truck to be a win-win proposition for both the customer and our channel
partners for long term perspective in order to be profitable proposition for
customers & suppliers.
Chapter -2
Brand Identity
2.1 Brand Identity:
U truck is Powerhouse specially designed to add muscle to your business.
Engineered for superior performance & best driving experience. It has scope &
flexibility to provide handsomely on productivity & fuel efficiency, durability &
driving comfort. So no matter the distance, the terrain or the load U truck is the
ideal truck for heavy duty transportation.
2.2 Brand identity Prism:
Keeping in view the past performance of the company in auto sector the brand
identity prism is created. As the fundamentals of the company are very strong so
are their commitments.
2.2.1 Brand Physique:
The symbol shows that the product is a source for power. The Blue colour
indicates the base for power product is the mother company. The bordering is with
green colour to show that the product so manufactured is environment friendly.
The products and technologies developed fall in line with this.
2.2.2 Brand personality:
Powerful, Sturdy, Rugged, Reliable, Equipped with latest technologies. For the
customer, the attributes of quicker speeds, more trips, improved fuel efficiency,
greater comfort and safety and more choices of fully-built options translate into
higher revenue, lower operating costs and hence better profitability. Reliable
aggregates and interfaces with proper matching of consumables ensure long and
synchronized service intervals. This, along with our bouquet of service offerings,
will help our channel partners to service our customers a whole lot better.
2.2.3 Brand Culture:
Ashok Leyland as a company has proven record for performance and quality
standards. The market has welcomed all the products. The reliability of the
products is better than expected by the customers. The new product development
is through GATES process. So process ensures that the product introduced is
only after thorough testing. This ensures the performance of the product in
desired applications.
2.2.4 Brand Image:
The consumer feels the product is apt for application intended. It delivers the
promised output. The product features the latest technologies. Has a range of
sophistication suitable to the customer need.
The attributes of quicker speeds, more trips, improved fuel efficiency, greater
comfort and safety and more choices of fully-built options translate into higher
revenue, lower operating costs and hence better profitability
2.2.5 Brand Reflection:
The products are engineering innovation in with proven performance & well ahead
of time & competition.
2.2.6 Brand Relationship:
Already has good market relationship with broad customer base.The brand
identity identified from various aspects. The product presentation is further
explored for better understanding of the product.
Communication mix
3.0 Communication Mix:
The brand communicates the strong reliance on technology and U trucks are fuel
efficient and cost effective to induce the initial purchase and post purchase
satisfaction. The communication methods to be adopted 1) Advertisement through
news paper, 2) Radio Jingles 3) T.V. Commercial, 4) Banners and display boards
on roads 5) Exhibition, 6) Road shows
3.1 Communicating quote:
Engineered Around you
3.2 Communicating mix:
The product application is with transportation industry or mining activities.Major
activity is to be done through advertisement and personal communication. The
strategy is to tie with locals for transport agencies as well as to take marketing
support. Here the solution is to create local the service suport. Then it is
supported through dealer network to increase approach. As the volume of the
product assembled is very high the above approach reduces the cost. At the
same time for reliability the product quality is stressed by providing the required
standards. For select customers and dealers offerings are provided to promote
the sales.
3.3 Effect of communication elements are
Advertisement: Creates Awareness
Personal selling: When product cost is high and to make results apparent
Sales promotion: To provide information and induce trials
Marketing Mix elements
4.0 Planning Marketing mix:
Induces the customers to purchase the products. Provide guidance to the
customer on usage of the product in order to induce post purchase satisfaction.
This keeps continuous market growth.
4.1 To reach the customer and to communicate frame work elements identified are
1) Identification of Target markets.
2) Strategy for communicating
3) Integration of communication
4) Budget and resource allocation.
5) Planning and Scheduling
4.1.1 Identification of Target markets: Markets identified are
1) Heavy Transportation
2) Mining
3) Long haul Journeys
4) Transport Solutions
These customers are
a) Retail Customers: Regions and states are identified and products are made
suitable to it
b) Institutional customers: Customised solutions offered to institutional customer
matching the needs & requirement.
c) Exports: Countries where the present products are suitable are identified.
4.1.2 Strategy for communication: Marketing mix elements are
1) Advertising
2) Personal selling
3) Sales Promotion
1) Advertising:
2)Personal selling: Transport agencies are to be contacted & influence with
product features in order to bulid the long term sustaining relationships with them.
Sales Promotion: Sales Promotion is done through creation of leaflet, broachers,
website development etc., It is also planned to go for participating and sponsoring
various technical exhibitions to bring the product awareness and utility. This
essential for to compare the features with that of competition.
4.1.3 Integration of communication:
Among the options above the communication should reach to the target
customers. This identified by the target markets. The product requires technical
knowledge to understand the advantages of the features. So the advertisements
can only bring awareness of the product. Further to covert this in to actual
demand personal selling is required. To reach the customer communication media
is made available 1) web based communication, 2) 24 hr Help line, 3) Dealer
Network and Shops.
The criteria
1) Coverage
2) Contribution
3) Commonality
4) Complementarities
5) Versatility
The above criteria are considered for integration of the marketing mix.
4.1.4 Budget and resource allocation:
50 % of the budget and 70% of resource is allocated to personal selling 20 %
and 10% of resource allocated to advertisement and 30 % and 20% of resource
is given to sales promotions.
4.1.5 Planning and Scheduling:
With GDP growing at 9% requirement form heavy transport is projected to grow
continuously over coming year. Commercial vehicle industry is mirror of economic
growth thus high demand is projected for long haul vehicles like U Trucks for 16-
49 tons. To meet the projected demand & customization in case any company has
planned to take on the new manufacturing set at Pantnagar with state of art
manufacturing facility & reduced operational cost which will give the cost benefit to
product over competition.
Chapter -5
Touch Points of communication
5.1.1 Faster Turnaround:
Equipped with new high powered engines & matching drivelines the U Trcuk gives higher
grade ability, acceleration & speed.
5.1.2 More Uptime:
The U truck features the host of low maintenance components that ensure maximum
uptime & availability.
5.1.3 Higher Payload:
Powerful design that carries over dimensional cargos
5.1.4 Increased Fuel Efficiency:
The U truck has several features that increases the tone-kmpl & keep the cost under
5.1.5 Greater Comfort & safety:
5.1.4 Increased Fuel Efficiency:
Keeping in mind the long hours spend on road the U Truck has been designed with
enhanced safety & protection making it an ideal work station for driver.
Chapter -6
6.0 Evaluation:
Straddling the entire range of tractors, tippers and haulage trucks in the 16 – 49
tonne segment, the U-Truck will transform the Company’s trucks over a 3-year
horizon - the first phase of which will see the roll out of 25 models and a host of
variants in 18 months.The trucking world is changing and changing fast. It is a
whole new order that is emerging and the U-Truck will be the vehicle to drive
Ashok Leyland into the future