What Your Management Resume Should Never Say If You Want To Get Hired

by Davis Miller on Tuesday 17 July 2018, 11:40 AM | Category: Career Planning| View: 408 views


It is known that manager is one the most responsible professions ever. People are in charge of developing and improving an enterprise in this field etc. Needless to say, nobody can imagine a person be hired as a manager with a quite terrible resume.

So, this is a post about resume for an office manager which will help young people with burning desire about management to avoid a lot of unforgiving mistakes. Your management resume should never incorporate:

  1. Personal information about hobbies or preferences etc.

This type of information isn't important in the resume. You will only show your unprofessionalism and get strange looks from the employer.

Solution: We can recommend to get rid of personal data and focus on obligatory information. Nonetheless, avoid sharing your opinion in the resume.

  1. Too much text

If you want to amaze someone with your writing skills, you should write a book. However, you mustn't beat about the bush while working on the resume.

Solution: Write down only necessary information due to it's more preferred to have only brief structure.

  1. Grammatical and spelling mistakes. Informal language

It shouldn't be mentioned that these mistakes will definitely screw up everything. Simply involving silly words that you would say to your friends is an obvious drawback. In addition, it's said that pronouns will spoil the resume as well as writing in the third or first person.

Solution: First of all, you should have a draft with all of your information. Secondly, it's better to relax for some minutes and take a look at your resume with a refreshed mind. Also, you can use some programmes, which are designed to find out mistakes and offer different kinds of correction.

  1. Out-dated or made up accomplishments

It's okay to include information about your previous experience, but don't try to amaze an employer with really old achievements. Moreover, writing about skills or abilities, which you haven't ever had, won't turn out as great as it was anticipated in uncontrolled circumstances.  

Solution: Be honest with yourself and your employer. And don't forget that new info is always welcome!

  1. Tasteless design

Don't be overwhelmed with possibilities of making your resume colourful and so on. Obviously, fancy fonts are beautiful per se, however, they aren't necessary in resume.

Solution: Make things simple and in appropriate style with standard settings. Simplicity is a key in this case.

  1. The experience of another profession

If you want to become a management worker, you need to share with your work experience in this field. Despite having been a chief of astronomical research, it won't be considered while hiring you as a manager.

Solution: Forget about other career you have had in your life. Positive aspects, achieved goals and skills must be highlighted about same work field only.  

  1. Objective statements

Before writing down your main objectives you should point out that they must be connected with your willing work. Although some professionals think that description of your objectives is a waste of space.

Solution: It's recommended to exchange your objective statements to a professional summary.

  1. Humble description

Frankly speaking, everyone hates people that like boasting off. However, being too modest to describe all of your best sides won't give you any chance to be hired as a manager.

Solution: Try to include most of your awards and recognition, which you have received. This will increase the change to be a manager.

Taking into account everything said above, you have a chance to create original resume without any mistake. Don't forget these recommendations and let your desire to stay as “pipe dream”. Break a leg!




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