What are the most common errors encountered in SEO

by Mike Langer on Sunday 1 July 2018, 5:44 PM | Category: Strategy| View: 393 views
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 The topic that I will discuss today is about the errors encountered in SEO (Search Engine Optimazition).


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Know What are the Errors at the technical level


§  The absence of redirection of domain.com to www.domain.com

§  The absence of robots.txt

§  The same content accessible from several URLs (like domain.com or domain.com/directory and domain.com / directory / index.html)

§  The session id in the URLs

§  The use of flash navigation menus

§  The use of pop up to display important content

§  One URL to display several languages (for example, by detecting the visitor's IP)

§  Several languages on one page

§  The requirement to pass a form to display the content

§  The absence of parameters in the URL for displaying a result of the search engine

§  The presence of too many links on all the pages (100-200)

§  The lack of statistical tracking solution

§  The absence of sitemap.xml

§  The pages are too heavy

§  The presence of a splash page

§  The presence of no index or nofollow on all links (we do not laugh, I have an example on hand …)

§  The presence of many broken links on the site

§  The launch of a new website without redirecting old pages to the new

§  A tree does not exist and / or the presence of a large number of directories

§  Extending URLs littered with keyword


Errors at content optimization


§  Using same <title> on all pages

§  Using the same meta description on every page

§  The absence of keywords specific to the subject (some sites “windows” using an editorial that could be used on my own site so that is definitely not the same theme)

§  The absence of text simply

§  The use of images to display text

§  The absence of internal links

§  Misuse of Hx e.g for fixed blocks that are repeated from one page to another (I think in particular the navigation menus and other blocks that are repeated on the other page)

§  Massive repetition of keywords, especially in the title, URL and H1

§  The absence of site plan

§  The absence of breadcrumb

§  The pages are too long and that mix several themes

§  Sites never updated

§  The presence of spam in the comments of a blog for example


Errors while linking


§  The absence of links from external sites

§  Exchanging links in footer

§  The routine use of a single anchor backlinks (either a keyword or the name of the site)

§  The absence of links to internal pages

§  Registration to massive directories with the same title and description

§  Non backlinks distribution on different sources (social networking, directories, articles, forums, friend's sites etc…..)

§  The display homepage backlinks to directories

§  Buying links


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