The Importance of Employee Selection

by Victoria Lim on Thursday 29 March 2018, 3:36 PM | Category: HR Planning, Recruitment & Selection | View: 795 views


Nurturing a competent and dedicated workforce is crucial to the long-term business success. However, in the present market conditions, it is no longer enough to just hire the best talent available, and hope everything works out. Individuals who look like ace candidates during an interview might turn out to be a liability even within a few weeks of starting to work. Therefore, companies need to reevaluate and modify their hiring policies and screening process in order to find the right people for the job.

The main reason why bad candidates manage to get through the selection process is the fact that companies usually only test for technical competency and a general willingness to work. Technical knowledge is something anyone can acquire in due time, but this doesn't imply that a candidate is prepared to work in real-life conditions. Similarly, expressing a desire to work in a particular company is hardly a criterion for determining whether a candidate would actually be a good fit.

In order to mitigate these issues, companies need to develop a more nuanced approach to their employee selection process. In the rest of this article, we will give you a general overview of what companies should consider in the process of hiring new employees.

  • Selecting For Experience

There is no substitute for experience in the world of labor. Individuals with practical, hands-on experience in a particular industry are some of the most reliable candidates for any job. Employee selection teams should, therefore, make a concentrated effort to distinguish accomplished individuals among their candidates.

While some companies, especially startups, prefer to hire younger, more inexperienced employees to fill their ranks, having a few veterans around is always helpful. Experienced workers know how long it takes them to get the job done, what are the commonplace difficulties they might encounter, and how to solve them in a reasonable amount of time. They don't succumb to pressure easily, which makes them ideal for assuming leadership positions on the fly if the need arises.

Attracting experienced workers for your company requires a specific hiring approach. Established professionals will usually look for a generous benefits package, including stable pay, long-term contracts, and healthcare and pension plans when deciding whether to apply for a job.

  • Selecting For Talent

On the other end of the spectrum, there are individuals who might lack first-hand work experience but are able to make up for it through raw talent. These are usually top-level college graduates, self-taught savants, or scions from professional families. Screening for talent is a top priority for companies who want to stay ahead of the curve in the business world.

Talented workers are distinguished by their ability to solve problems easier, faster, and better than anyone else can. This makes them perfect for tackling unusual, time-consuming, and difficult problems that every company is bound to face at some point. It is not uncommon to find that solutions devised by these individuals often become industry standards down the line.

There is one thing that talented candidates respond especially well to – the promise of a challenge. Regular test and interviews are usually not enough for determining their value for a company, as they might find them too easy or boring to tackle seriously. Instead, give them a tough problem to solve at the outset – they will take it as a sign of respect for their abilities, making them more willing to work for your company.

  • Selecting For Diversity

There has been a lot of talk about workplace diversity in recent years. Some countries have introduced diversity quotas which businesses need to fulfill as part of their hiring process. While it is debatable whether regulation such as this is actually beneficial for creating an inclusive social climate, there is no doubt that diversifying your workforce can have tangible, business-related benefits.

First, failing to take into account candidates from minority groups will out potentially star-employees from the selection process without good reason. Second, because minorities have more distance from mainstream culture, they can bring fresh ideas to the table, which is essential for business growth. Finally, workers from minority groups can make workplace conditions feel more vibrant by adding a unique new voice to the conversation.

In order to attract a more diverse workforce, companies should take steps to help individuals from minority groups navigate the hiring process more easily. For example, a company can work with a law firm specializing in work-visas to make it easier for immigrant candidates to get the necessary paperwork to get a work permit.

  • Selecting For Potential

Potential is a quality that is extremely easy to observe in retrospect, but difficult to spot at the outset. Candidates with potential for development might not initially stand out from the crowd, but with proper guidance, training, and support, they can easily surpass more experienced and talented colleagues, given enough time. This makes finding employees with potential incredibly important for long-term business growth.

Potential can be manifested in several different ways. There are employees which are exceptionally good at learning, which allows them to adapt to any job you give them. Then there are those with the ability to easily form connections with other people. These individuals are exceptional at strengthening workplace relations over time. Finally, there are people who can work harder than others, provided you take the time to teach them how to work.

Candidates with potential are can be distinguished by their willingness to improve. Therefore, giving them the opportunity to work on their skills through training seminars, coaching, workplace buddy programs, etc. is a surefire method to get them onboard.

  • Conclusion

Finding the right employees for your business is more of an art than science. There are many factors to consider when finding the right people for the job, but with enough forethought and planning, it can be accomplished. And once you have assembled your corporate dream-team, success is sure to follow.

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