5 tips to improve inbound lead qualification in 2018

by Steve Brown on Tuesday 6 March 2018, 9:21 AM | Category: Strategy| View: 524 views

 New Year means new opportunities – right? In sports, a group of people or teamwork together to win the game. Each member who has a specific role must have the proper knowledge, training, and effective strategic plan in order to step up in the competition.

This metaphor also applies to marketing in terms of qualifying inbound leads to optimize the goal of your company or business.

During the past years, the rise of different ways to improve inbound lead qualification has boomed – and this 2018, the trend continues to introduce new processes, tactics, and tech-driven tools to increase lead quality.

Let's take a look some of them in this article.


Don't overlook emails

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing tools for every business in 2018 and the next following years. Most activities which involve generation of leads must focus on capturing the potential prospect's email addresses. It could be an email invite for website visitors to sign up for a free downloadable eBook or white paper, newsletters, or even creating email questionnaire for new prospects during their first visit on your website.


However, don't stop after you've received those emails, be ready to respond to those precious inbound email inquiries. Make sure you have an automated and consistent system to sort and reply email inquiries within the next 24 hours – even if it's just a simple preliminary message to set up a future phone call – don't let your email communication fall through the cracks.

Long in-depth content is better

In this year, it is no wonder that more and more websites will devote to guest blogging. One of the most effective ways of driving inbound leads and traffics is by guest blogging. However, you can't expect to throw a lazy 500 or 1000 words blog post and make your website as popular as facebook – it just won't happen.

Instead, focus on a high-quality, high-value, and consistent blogs to transform your business and to acquire more traffics or inbounds that could lead to sales. Additionally, focus also on writing at least 1000-word posts to increase the level of organic traffic on your site.

Embrace AI (Artificial Intelligence) Tools

As a marketer, you may have heard the buzz about the Artificial intelligence these days. It is true that the use of AI systems improves business productivity, ensures data security, and boosting inbound lead qualifications – but what are the facts?

AI systems in inbound marketing are undoubtedly better than humans in terms of processing data. These innovative and powerful marketing tools have been there for the past few years and continue to emerge and introduce new ways for abetter understanding of leads, finding potential leads, and effectively converting it to sales.

Keep in mind that AI cannot replace manpower but it can definitely help you save time while making your job easier.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/26842647004/

Learn and practice Big Data tools

In addition to AI tools, big data works with AI systems for the integration of lead gathering and improving business's productivity. It may sound like something that is expensive and can only afford by big companies – but big data with AI tools are the powerful workforce for elevating the performance of the business, customer reach and engagement, profits, productivity, and efficiency.

To cope up with the latest trends on how to step up your competition among other business, you need to try new things and experiment with the latest tools and technologies. This could help you manage the customer relationship and most importantly, handle your inbound qualification.

ABM (Account-based marketing)

Hot in 2018 is the Account-based marketing (ABM). In this approach for improving lead generation, it focuses more on quality than quantity. In order for a business to thrive, it must have a constant leads coming in. This keeps the momentum of a company to die down but instead grow and move forward.

The strategy involves effective targeting of best-fit customers and prospects which customizes a program for their specific needs, wants, and problems.

Make sure that whatever you ABM approach is, keep all your effort in your marketing in mind because the rest of your inbound lead qualification will support your ABM effort strategically.


The list above is just some of the tips on how your business will require staying on the of its lead qualification demands in this year 2018. Finding the right consultants and resources as well as practicing these strategic plans will definitely help take your business's inbound lead qualification off of your worry list.

Remember – change starts from within.

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