The Opposition Politics –Top Down doesn’t work, is yet to be realized

by Amit Bhushan on Wednesday 7 February 2018, 2:53 PM | Category: Politics| View: 230 views


The Opposition Politics –Top Down doesn't work, is yet to be realized

                                             By: Amit Bhushan                            Date: 7th Feb.2018


The competition among Opposition Netas to create ruckus in House/s and on street to grab eye-balls seem to be on rise. This is even when the Elections in the Western state clearly depicted otherwise. The Netas ‘starring' on TV shows lost by a healthy margin; many chose to openly rely on ‘outsider' support for street-rallies but again of limited help; and the older caste-equations formula was fully tested in the urban, semi-urban areas as no ones' sure if it really worked, but won't spell a word and continue to behave as ‘pundit'. Of course the political need for ‘Jugaads' amongst Netas would continue to keep such ‘pundits' busy. What perhaps worked was Netas with rather solid ‘ground presence and actions' being able to leverage ‘mass-anger' to electoral fortunes by behaving as if in possession of some magic-potion. The rural areas gave a much clearer signal then semi-urban areas while urban areas probably understood need for ‘reforms' rather better. This magic-potion requirements will of course put pressure on the party leaderships to search for formulas, which can possibly do the trick and sell with the masses. For now, corruption and mal-governance including stifling of voices and murder of democracy etc. are a good talking point since nearly politicos prefer to take action without discussions/deliberations and providing solutions becomes a responsibility only when one is in government and preferably a Mantri in the same.

The government's effort for a positive campaign by enlisting its achievements and ignoring street protesters want to deny ‘news space' for such politicos since any government action gets better coverage with clever Netas hobbling with Journos to derive mileage out of the same. There would however be a need to map challengers to such Netas within their constituency strong holds regards what was the practices and outcomes in past vis-à-vis the present, something which ‘talk-show' Netas of ‘all parties' tend to avoid and thus the ‘Game of Thrones' is played on expectations and perceptions. But taking initiative to reach-out to masses is something the Netas forgot long back and this included the then ‘opposition-and-now-government' Netas as well which led to the ‘rise and rise' of corruption. This creates as well as is creating a space for new Netas and parties and the Capital is only a testimony for the same even if nearly all established party and Netas want to live in denial and continue to put pressure on this ‘space'. Even in the Elections in the Western state, rise of independent Netas had to be supported for ‘claiming victory' by the ‘opposition', although once victorious this tends to be forgotten easily in politics. Thus instead of understanding the ‘contours of victory' as well as the ‘internal challenges and threats' to it, each of the party and Netas want to behave as if it has already been achieved and let their re-assurance be contagious to other party Netas as well as for the voters. Then of course we have the commercial news media with Idol-worshipping Journos ever wanting to prop-up identities at the spur of the moment, taking over some of the Netagiri mantle from the Netas themselves and doing the rest. This is even more likely to segment and fragment the ‘victory' for any Coalition to be of any comfort with expected advantage to one knows who in such circumstances. A sure way to hasten 'change' would be government focus on its rhetoric rather than governance which does seem to be the case & now some parties and Netas milching it effectively. Let the ‘Game' evolve…    

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