By not answering, political Netas also lose ability to question

by Amit Bhushan on Thursday 7 December 2017, 11:38 AM | Category: Politics| View: 119 views


By not answering, political Netas also lose ability to question

                                             By: Amit Bhushan                            Date: 7th Dec. 2017


There are all sorts of questions flying in the ongoing polls in the Western state. The most crucial amongst them are the questions from the farmers and rural dwellers, the urban poor and tribal communities. These are classes who are large in numbers and have seen little benefit from whatever that may have happened to the economy. To them a scrutiny of the Chief Minister's report card mattered. It mattered not because that would have improved something in their day-to-day struggle, but because it would have established the fact that somebody is responsible and has to listen to them. This would also put pressure that the political Netas perched by their zealot supporters need to go beyond rather than just making noises through their support network, but also connect with common man. Failing this, the tendency to find one of their own (read caste leaders) to be put in helm, rises.

With many small businesses looking for re-anchoring and realignment and corporates taking re-look at locations of the projects, it requires perhaps a greater handholding from the policy makers during the midst. And report card again goes on to show responsibility taking along with allaying of lingering fears in whichever corners. This is especially when some ‘change' has been introduced for the very first time under the stewardship of the Neta. However in our polity, the Netas respond to concentration of power or a potential concentration of power only otherwise which they may not be keen to be responsive as it is seen as defensive. This behavior by itself calls for a stronger and responsive opposition. What we have in opposition currently is the rat race amongst Netas to put ‘me first' rather than upholding of some principles and then positioning themselves as key torch-bearers of those principles. While this afflicts the ruling party/combine as well however its projection of a Neta or a select few, and parade revolutions of a clutch of Netas around them, tends to project image that things are hunky-dory. Decisive leadership is where the principles are well propagated and well understood, and the demands of the situation is appreciated as well as responded to. The Netas and parties lack this collectively but are loath to acknowledge the same.

The policies like Demonetization, might have effected some Netas in the ruling combine as well, however the Netadom collective almost always tends to maintain their closeness to the power centers rather than sulk, for this ensures that their brokerages for other things remains intact. Similarly, the short term and long term consequences of the GST and required re-alignment of the businesses might be in need of articulation so that the businesses tide over the same faster. While the solution provider businesses may have sprung up, the possible actions amongst Netas from different states to conjure up solution and resources might be missing. This is even where GST have been projected as a ‘consensual' effort, although with some degree of denial or political blame game. If economics were to be center-stage in the electoral hustling, then there are clear ‘dos' for the Netas and government (and its failure to have been highlighted as plank by the opposition) should have been clear, but unfortunately it requires social media to make its point and this is a pointer to the interest of politics in everyday economics. The tendency to rely on ‘other factors' remain high and diluted focus leads to weak stories and branding (of the Netas/parties/political planks). The actions of the lower level orderly Netas to continue to dig-in with the power-center Netas is construed by the senior Netas as their chimera is working. The senior Netas are ensured about successful rallies which together with the commercial news media apparatus would convince voters about the invincibility and subsequent falling in line by the voters.

Given the situation, perhaps there is a need to question that why should the voters come out to vote where the Netas are unclear about their political planks, if that were economics. However, here the commercial news media seems helpless having to do its moral duty and obligation to continue to keep people engaged with the politics and therefore the Netas. Let's see the ‘Game' evolve….      

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