The Religious site Debate

by Amit Bhushan on Wednesday 6 December 2017, 11:03 AM | Category: Politics| View: 111 views

The Religious site Debates

                                             By:Amit Bhushan                             Date:6th Dec.2017


One of the challenges with the commercial news media is that it readily succumbs to be a tool in the hands of the Netas. The temple debates in media is a shining example. Much ink and recording hours are wasted over what's being blurred out by whom and what historians have to say. If only the debate is twisted or corrected a bit, at least the political issues would be sorted out more easily. This would mean that at beginning of the debate, one should question if people are concerned more about the present and future or would they want some changes or correction (depending upon views of the reader) to what may have happened some 300-400 years ago.

In fact given the question and assessments of the replies, the political reporters themselves would not be able to justify their time spent on coverage of the issue which might be of little importance but for the Netas and political parties. However given how are the Netas invested in terms of the built-up of their image and their political paraphernalia, the issue is exploited. One of the curious things is such a stand (as expressed in these columns) should perhaps come from the socialist/communists parties given their ideological leanings however, their absence or black-out from the commercial news media and its concentration only on the Netas and parties in fray in what may not be relevant to the state undergoing polls is not explained by the media.  

Instead of making the issue national, it should perhaps be left to the municipality with the ward level Neta taking lead in negotiations to decide how the land should be used, but within the frameworks of the constitution and the law and within confines of its due process (and of course any religious fanaticism from any corner should not be allowed to have a room in such discussions/process/solution). Now this might look a radical step, but if one begins from the ‘first question (as proposed by the author)' it might seem to be the most reasonable conclusion. It is only the rise in the political decibels to national/international levels and some sort of competition amongst religious leaders who fail to deliver ‘solace' on their own to their followers, who keep such ‘political' issues alive. Now while the author may not be a great fan of the communists, however their philosophical idea which seem to have much more relevance cannot be discarded just because some other thoughts may not rhyme (with the author/voter). In fact for the political Netas too keen about the issue should be asked to take their politics to the relevant level as expressed by the columns in the Management Paradise.

If the religion Netas want something meaty to work on and therefore keep falling for something stupid then they may be given task to pull Dwarka, Mahabalipurum from the underneath of the seabed by raising the ground-level from below of the undersea structures. That would help their avarice about history as well as raise the education level of the society. The technology skills as well as commitment to projects may also get suitably tested including of its just about wastage of money and time and just pure politics to capture power or something deeper. The public support that they can muster for their projects would also be on display. Let's see the ‘Game' evolve…

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