The Roles and Responsibilities for Strategy Implementation Marketing

by Vincy Mol on Tuesday 14 November 2017, 12:38 PM | Category: Marketing| View: 334 views

 To implement the strategy for the development of the business in Samsung company the management had to assign different roles and responsibilities among different departments and the individuals. There are several number of roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders internally for deciding the procedures of executing the new strategy.

Role and responsibilities
The management of Samsung has to focus on the allotment of roles and responsibilities to the members like managers, CEO, team leaders, etc. for the execution of the new market strategy. This allotment would help in allotting the work to the individual and the team members of Samsung according to the requirements of the company. Implementing the new market strategy and dividing the work as per the priorities requires good communication and cooperation among various departments. Communication is very much important as to bring changes in the operation with respect to the strategy and attain a competitive advantage. An efficient communication would support Samsung to make amendments in the function and the operations as per the new revised vision, mission and objectives which would be accomplished by executing the market entry strategy. It is a critical aspect that the employees had to follow a path for the actions and the developments to involve the departments and individuals for working in the strategy accordingly. The roles and responsibilities of the major authorities and the individuals are following:
? Managers: Managers are the bridge between the higher level and the lower lover members and thus is the key communicator of the all the information. The major role of manager is to communicate all the instructions and examine the initiation of the staff members to develop new advanced products as per the strategy. The market entry would support Samsung to cut down the cost and time for the new product. The manager is responsible to oversee the optimum utilization of resources so that to eliminate any extra charges.
? CEO: CEO of Samsung is responsible to get the standards of the departments authenticated according to the strategy. The CEO would be evaluating the cost and time required for the execution of new strategy and also performs allotment of the resources to bring some changes on the Smartphone and other product being provided by Samsung.
? Staff members:  The staff members are the most important factors as they are the only one who would be making the execution of the strategy successful. It is the responsibilities of the staff members that they follow all the guidelines properly and converse back about the issues or problems to the manager. This is the role of each and every person to make use of the resources and comprehend the amendments being required to the implementation and achieve the desired objectives. The major duty of the staff members is to overwhelm the gap between the existing and the required standards.
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