5 qualities of a great Personality

by Indrani Roy on Wednesday 19 July 2017, 11:37 PM | Category: Human Resources| View: 699 views

 Successful men and women have basic character traits and functionality which is useful for great accomplishments. If you have specific skills and knowledge then you can get a successful life with lot of ease


Talking Style


Talking style is most important quality and it enhanced your personality. In case you are looking to develop your speaking skills then it is always recommended to understand the strength which is offering more confidence. According to the studies six speaker personality types are there such as the sage, peacemaker, muse, wizard, monarch and jester so that people can pick the best speaker personality type according to their personality.


Body Language


Body language is most important quality for developing excellent personality. If you use the body language strategically then you can acquire the excellent personality. You should also maintain certain amounts of the nodding, hand gestures, keeping your back straight and smiling. When it comes to the body language then you must consider about certain things such as maintain eye contact, be calm and comfortable, say cheese and voice. Try to avoid holding objects such as notebooks, hand bags, coffee cups and other items because it may indicate to shyness, lack of confidence and shyness.




Personality development is an excellent process which may start from childhood and this kind of the process starts from social, biological, environmental, hereditary and situational factor. Actually physical appearance is important one when you plan to build excellent personality. There are different kinds of personality of people are there such as perfectly groomed, culture freak, well behaved person, soft spoken and social person. If you have excellent physique appearance then surely you can build self confidence and self-esteem.


Patience and Honesty


When you plan to develop the pleasing personality then you must consider about the patience and honesty. Patience is most important key factor and it is useful to acquire take an excellent decision. Actually it is mostly useful to enhance your personality. A good character is mostly involved in the five qualities such as leadership, trust, patience, honesty and courage. This kind of the character comes in naturally and you should not force the individual. Patience is mostly useful to acquire more success and happiness.


Great Oral Hygiene


A good oral hygiene is most useful to people when you speak to other people. In case you have poor oral health then surely it will affect your health as well as self confidence. A perfect oral hygiene is always indicating clean teeth, healthy breath and free of debris. It is always advisable to brush your teeth twice in a day. If you follow the balanced diet then surely you may acquire the healthy teeth. Try to utilize the dental product which contain fluoride and you should not eat acidic foods frequently because it may affect your teeth. Regular visit to the dentist is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of tooth decay, gum disease and other kinds of dental problems.  



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