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For Civil Society to breathe freely, the Civil Society must take control

by Amit Bhushan on Wednesday 12 April 2017, 3:02 PM | Category: Politics| View: 262 views


For Civil Society to breathe freely, the Civil Society must take control

By: Amit Bhushan                            Date: 12th April, 2017


I am afraid, the topic might be rated controversial by the commercial news media. The reasons is taking control can be interpreted in various ways however what is implied here is strengthening of the Judicial mechanisms rather than anything else. What's on is rabble-rousing on what parties in power may want to achieve and often the commercial news media Journos tend to go with the flow. After all, ain't we under constant threat/attack so goes the logic. The frenzy is heightened when we have some ‘provocation' from the ‘outside', you know from where... These article have a rather healthy track record on this count. The doubters may follow the link ( and this was during height of debate on NJAC bill). And let there be no doubts for those nationalists (who remain in constant animation) as well that the track record to respond to actual incidents is also quite healthy ( ). Basically ‘hysteria' as opposed to ‘incidents' is built to around ‘possibilities and perceptions', while ‘incidents' do have a solid background even if the corroborative evidence so to say is contested by some party. What is however deemed importance for any progress is to focus on what as people, we may mean to the region and to the larger world community. What we ‘supply and deliver well' and in return what we can ‘get' to make best for ourselves. How can these strengths be improved further has been the essence of the ‘Game' which is to explore the ‘people quotient' and empower them further. Though the frenzy may be attempting to overlook the same for its own reason.

The situation doesn't seem all that well ‘outside' as well. The frenzied hyper activist taking control of the social and mass media with allegations flying out. What has perhaps been missing is lack of civil society's ability to stay put for judicial mechanisms & perhaps overall civilian control. And this give the politico-strategic community an upper hand. This is when in some case at least the Judiciary seemed to have an upper hand when it withstood its ground against the then Military rulers. What perhaps is not appreciated is the qualitative difference in the debate/s. The issues like Jobs, Health, Education & progress are overlooked for issues like Faith (about which nearly everyone within same community/family has a different outlook with strong to weak variance from outlook of others), ‘national jingoism', ‘response to stimuli (with several actual and concocted stimuli)' etc. A Military which gets a significant amount of its feedstock from outside of ‘public revenues' would want to manage ‘perceptions' to keep itself supplied for manpower as well as ‘other support' besides additional funds. The mechanisms to keep the frenzy on both sides seems to have some new advantage. It brings up ‘machismo' for both sides for their respective stuntmen while its effects on ‘actual issues' is clouded by the media. For the Judiciary to take a side-kick role along with the civil administration and a rather ineffective media (not very different from our's), it should incumbent on civil society there, if there is one that is, to take note for itself. Ultimately, it is the civil society which has do decide to steer itself away from medievalism to progress or to stay there for a while. For the military too, that would have repercussions to keep up with technologies and progress with medieval mindsets and this too would become evident in due course of time. It might be a better idea for civil society (on both sides) to focus & strengthen civilian institutions rather for both the society/ies then stirring up frenzy with its action-reaction chain. This approach may look like some peace brigade's idea but is rather quite different since it is just about society defining its own priorities for itself and working to strengthen itself rather than looking outside and getting distracted. However this may not mean being oblivious to ‘incidents' or letting the guard down till some better environment/solution emerges since frenzy should go down for such an environment to emerge. In the meantime the society should also get empowerment to be able to ‘carry out of decision' basis solution rather than looking towards nuisance makers or battle champs without results. Keeping away from hysteria should allow this as it may keep away things from snowballing into distractions. Let's see the ‘Game' evolve… 

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