3 Lessons From A 22 Year Old Kid Who Has Traveled To Over 45 Countries

by Jhil 01 on Friday 2 December 2016, 11:42 AM | Category: Marketing Management| View: 762 views

 Many people are now opting to work over the Internet either as freelancers or attached to a particular kind of company that allows them to remain at home (or at any other location with an Internet connection, for that matter) and turn in work based on some schedule.

Some may take this as an awesome opportunity to spend all their time close to the T.V. while they order pizzas every single day in a one-way trip to cholesterol land. Others, such as Jacob Sykes, have taken this as a way to be able to travel the world why keeping a day job of his own choosing over the Internet.

Counting only 22 years of age, Jacob is one of the co-founders of a successful and rising online coupon website dubbed mamma home of money saving which operates officially from the United States. Jacob has been to more than 45 countries over the last three years during which he did not need to stop working on his business, which he kept running over the Internet. In these few years of traveling, he came to a few realizations regarding the world and decided to share some of these.

The World is Much Safer Than What Americans Think

Jacob observed that the world is actually much safer than many Americans or Westerners in general seem to make it to be. It is also much friendlier and easy to travel through now in the days of widespread Internet communication and globalization. With the encroaching oppression of globalization taking over the world, cultures are strangled and their patterns of behavior have been forced into standardization. This is a particular plus for travelers who may want to go from anywhere in the world to any other place, since all systems and ways of doing things now tend to be very similar. Perhaps less excitement, but more comfort.

Travelling Around The World Is Not That Expensive

We, like Jacob, are of the opinion that experiencing things for yourself is much better than reading about them. Nothing compares to knowing how a place feels like, how a certain food tastes like, because a deeper experience itself cannot be shared, that is, nobody can live for you. Furthermore, traveling extensively around the world does not need to cost a lot of money. It all depends on how you manage your money. Finding convenient, safe and cheap places to stay, as well as secure land routes, is now much easier with the help of the internet since experiences, whether good or bad, as well as official establishment information, are shared over it.

Traveling is not about freedom but just about another form of commitment.

Some people seem to be afraid to travel because they think that they will never find partners and friends wherever they might go. Jacob is of the opinion that this is mostly a matter of having the right attitude, of how things are interpreted, and basically, a case of looking at the proverbial glass as half-empty or half-full. True friends will always remain your friends, and meeting new people will certainly open up the possibility of making new ones. However, the most surprising and revealing realization that Jacob came upon was that traveling itself is not about freedom but just about another form of commitment. 

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