5 Ways to develop interest towards Education

by Amrita Gupta on Tuesday 27 September 2016, 3:45 PM | Category: Strategy| View: 1026 views
Engaging kids in studies is a big challenge. It is a matter of concern for almost every parent. Enforcing students to take interest in learning is not the best idea; rather generating interest naturally is the best practice which is difficult but right too. Mentioned below are few methods that will help your kid to become a different person and begin to take interest in studies.
1. Find Things the kid is interested in
Daily life examples for a child by which he can identify his/her area of interest can be a very helpful. Some examples can be: count the number of cookies, clock games, using crosswords, etc. Once the area of interest is identified, the course material should be presented in the way matching the student's interests.
2. Use interactive lessons
As far as the interactive lessons are concerned the teaching session must have bidirectional communication. Asking questions and seeking answers is needed to develop the interest towards studies. Praising the student for correct answer given by him also boosts student's confidence and increases interest. Using diagrams also improves student's interest.
3. Whenever possible, provide choices
In personalized home tuition sessions, the teacher can ask the child topics that she/he likes the most. The teacher may ask the child to choose among three or four topics to study. In between the tuition session, the teacher can switch the topic. This helps in maintaining child's interest in studies.
4. Involve the kid in activities
Involving a child in activities such as counting the number of trees, measuring the length of their desk, etc can help the kids learn basic math easily which is nothing more than a number game. Moreover the teacher can use word games.
5. Send Positive Reviews to the Parents
Sending a positive note to the child's parents will work like gems! The parents will definitely praise their child at home that will encourage him amazingly.
Generating interest towards studies will not happen in one day and it will be a matter of time. It is a gradual process and tutor's contribution/role will be most important.
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