The Crying Nature

by D.jeelan Basha on Saturday 13 August 2016, 7:59 PM | Category: Miscellaneous| View: 675 views

 The Crying Nature:-
Once in a Small Village there lives a Teacher name Gracy.Gracy travells from her home to School where in a middle which lies a Deep Grass Forest.Well Gracy is an Biological teacher and Works at Forest Welfare Department.She has been introduced many Scientific researches an Bio-chemicals for the Agricultural development.To Increase Green Revolution Industries has been Survey many in which she find out many barriers on the Survey where to increase the Agricultural Buisness.
Gracy is might Sensitive and very innocent quit who always been attach the world with beautiful nature.the morning,night every second the world which lifted by nature.
Every morning to find the beautiful sounds wake up early morning where the forest is so near as she tries to sight the view of birds flying,singing songs poetries,etc.,whenever any rains takes place hence she might always found on the hill areas of her village for seeking the rainbows and butterflies.evening when coming from school observes the birds who sleeping at the mother trees stomach with fluent flute of winds.these is the world of Gracy.
As one day due to her mother health problem she has been go to the City.Where she observe the rude behaviour amoung the nature an cruelness and harressment behaviour with them.She observes whenever an Cow came for asking food the peoples tries to use slippers and other Sticks cruel behaviour they away.Every one makes high pollution with their vehicles and cars such as secondhand smoke. Finally, air pollution can take the form of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide, which are warming the planet through the greenhouse effect.An birds which are mostly caged and the innocent birds seeing when they get freedom.
Gracy feels very bad on nature when she see the real world how badly makes behaviour with nature.she some times cry.
One day while when she returning to home with her friends who are also teachers works at same school she observes an Beautiful Deer who tries to searching some food.then the gracy take the deer in to home and adopt the beautiful deer.hence she makes with friendship and tries to both very happy.
While every morning the deer wake to gracy and both tries to fresh up both eat share day due to examination busy gracy ignores to care deer,as the deer for fulfilling hunger try to search food and in matters of food deer cross the forest border.,where an unknown person name Srandy who enters in forest for hunting.,without any liscence he purchase Gun and without any fear he tries to hunting by entering in forest where there are many rules and regulations which Govt doesn't permitted to entering in Forest according to forestry Dept.
Hence he enters and firstly tries to Arrow on birds where his bullets at bird and the bird die and fell down at his legs behind.then his eyes spotted on deer who friend of gracy.
He start to shoot there gracy and her friends saw to him and voice to him as stop but none he listen and as whenever he shoot at deer the 1st bullet enter in to stomach and the deer on 1st bullet only die,where there was every thing was over.
The Srandy is Big politicain and Richest Person.,As By his richest power he has been take many opportunity of benifit to taking law in his hands.
The Gracy whenever reach there he esacape from there and her friends also nothing to catch him.Gracy do every rules as after die an human how they body she do all that for deer,As deer went away but deer meomories she never making erase in her mind.whenever eat,sleep as every second she tries to remember the deer.then she decided as to make peace deer soul she make a punishment to srandy.,and suit the file on srandy.the Court registered the case.The case has been run where she tries to make her friends who saw killing deer.,hence before one day the two friends of gracy has been purchased the victim by providing money to them,.as every poor family its best opportunity of money taking but they never gave a friend true meaning to gracy as return an betrayal to her.the next day they change the statement as they not saw properly who kills the the deer.
The Betrayal from her friends make her more pain as she very sensitive as there trust meaning in her life has been finished,as the poor misery gracy lift up and give up to punishment as no one support while she get.
As Days passed then the Srandy again came to same forest the time is same everything as same the gracy returning to home while single after she broke up friendship to her friends,while there she again saw same srandy target to an Elephant which laid down sitting.then these time she tries to stop as in anyway she never want to make win of srandy,as she with her hands tries to stop shooting as Srandy always want to get gracy alone where he found and he thinks its best opportunity to kill her,because due to her case file he has been terminated from his college university and his future spoil.then he started to target her for his shoot as whenever he tries to shoot her suddenlt an unknown tiger cumps on his head and kill him.,as infront of gracy and after the tiger without nothing doing gracy the tiger left from there,the gracy shocked as how its possible she still n't understand as its miracle or something.
As the Case has been dismissed as no evidence found and the death of Srandy is clear by the hunt of tiger.
Finaly Gracy thanks to god as its will of god that as the Crimer always gets punishment and getting peace to Deer Body.
An flower we likor love,difference between like and love is like we pull out flower but love we always water to that flower.there are many species,plants,animals,and other living organisms as God has given different colours,shapes,etc.,they all hav all rights to live in a World,as the above story totaly seeks as the humanity and hearted girl of gracy and her love towards nature and we must inspired like gracy and makes a Green lovable world towards nature.?

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