"Cousin Vs Compitetor"

by D.jeelan Basha on Saturday 25 June 2016, 1:05 PM | Category: Corporate Social Entrepreneurship| View: 750 views

                                                                   Cousin Vs Compitetor

A Business is an Part of life which everyone's engage for some thing Profit return.An business circulate around between many factors such as Suppliers,Dealers,Compititors,bankers,Customers and So on.Hence these is a story about the Competitors which takes place in Madras in Tamil nadu state.

26th June 2015;-

Abarna is an Middle calss family related women.she is an widow women as she has no any sons,so she started to engage any business or Entreprenuer for her running family.She started an Hotel at Madras.Normaly there many business persons are tried to organize the business in the area of the markets or public where hugely found.hence abarna also organize a business at the near other Hotels.The abarna started to make a different new innovated food receipies which usually not found any where other hotels.she make every food item such a way that everyones love to eat many times.thus the compitetors doesn't seem to her as every old customer of them who stick before days are started to wind up at abarna hotel.hence the ego of the compitetors want to make a trap so that the customers stop to going that hotel.

(13 july)At that night they added an Wamting powder on the food.the incident about she not know as she started  to distributed food for customers as every one  of them started to wamthing and as by check up to doctors where doctors clearly say about the reason that  the food which eaten is something wrong its added a dos of wamthing.hence knowing everyone fact about abarna all customers started to shift for other hotels.hence the other hotels managers who has been make a trapped to abarna has been success.

(17th Sept 2015) Then the abarna who ask help for her Cousin name “Srinivas” who runs a business of the Crackers.the Srinivas advices to her for organize a same business of crackers beside his Shop.then she started to runs a business of crackers.The Industry of Crackers where the Crackers are prepared she maintain a time management and without delaying any dealers and make disconvinent to them done evry task at loyality.Thus the workers and others where she runs industry she always maintain good environment every month paying at right time of salary right time of allowances to them.like these she get started to many dealers for crackers as marriage events,etc..,Hence In other hand the co-workers and workers who work in the industry of srinivas started to shift at the industry of Abarna due to lack of Salary at the time,not allowing any allowances for any Festivals,blaming repeatedly,Overtime work labour amount not paying,etc..,thus the dealers and other suppliers also slowly started to shift at abarna's Crackers Shop.By seeing all these the srinivas become jelous and anger hence his anger converts in to revenge and ego.he finaly decided that he make s such incident so she purely loss and Give up for her business.As The Abarna Profits day on going increases she feels that the profits makes her to Quickly marriages for her daughters.Then the Diwali Festival has been come.

(November 10th 2015)

The before day of Diwali she thinks to Get all her stock which has been Stored at Inventory she Get all stock from there in to her Shop.A More than 5 lakhs Crackers she Get and by locking safely she went from there.In other hand the Srinivas make all plan to fire her all crackers by pouring the Fuel to the crackers at night.Then by paying some bulk of money to thieves he show the shop where the fuel has to poured and destroy all the Shop.the finger where he shows its n't properly observe by the thieves because the two shops are besides are same.

Then the thieves started to Fuel on the shop of none other its himself shop only.they poured all over two tins of fuel on the srinivas shop and fire to it.then the Information has been leaked by the City peoples and inform to both Abarna and Srinivas.thus srinivas inner fully he started to dreams and became happiness that the shop of abarna has been destroyed and now every customer at diwali come to purchase at the shop of him only.Then the cousin abarna came to his house and tell that his shop is all overly fired.the Srinivas has been shocked and after seeing eye to eye at the position every cracker has been fired and he loss more than 10 lakhs Stock.He Laid "Making a rod for himself it's own back".


Compitetors are that part of business where by learning between the innovations,techniques and strategies by following them.,but its n't means to get them down by making an ego,revenge or trap to them.there are many business and company holders where every one has compititers if we saw mobiles nokia Vs Samsung,Toothpaste Colgate Vs Pepsident,Search Engine Google Vs Yahoo,etc..,but at the time of position of profession and business only they compitetors the remaining time they are friendly relations.Another moral is to Support and Help to Growing Women Entreprenuer,the india has been backward in matters of women entreprenues hence the Women Entreprenuer is also lead to convert profits in to Economy Growth.


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