"Brother Vs Best Friend

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 Brother Vs BEst Friend:-

The Story is all about Fight with Politics,Richness,Power,Status.the story about the two best Friends start in friendship day and ends in Friendship day.

Payal and Renuka are two best friends from there School times. The friendship day is as came every friends started to enjoy the day with joyfull as these both also met in the mysore National park.Renuka come with a gift a Gold Chain where as Payal came with gift of a small Terry Bear.Payal open her surprise by seeing costly Chain she hidden her gift because its small to than it.then Renuka explains about there is no any small or large every gift is gift which brings from heart.they both band a friendship and take a promise always been friends untill Death.

2011 June 1st Colleges open.Sandeep is a Brother of Renuka.Renuka's father is one Member of Politics in Mysore Dist.Renuka father Join to Renuka and Sandeep at Yuvaraja College.Renuka as C.E.C and Sandeep as M.P.C Group.

June 1st 2011:-

Payal also Join same college but Group is M.P.C as his brother group.the two friends many excited for college opening,payal make a special Sweet Chapathi's Tiffin for her and friend for the 1st day of college.

June 5th 2011:-

The professor of mathematics kept a general exam for testing students,where no any one solve any problem except Payal.hence payal the 5th day honoured by a Claps in whole class.

June 20th :-

The college all professors decided in meeting to take the decission of making efforts for the students who back in studies or weak,poor in their studies.hence they decided every 10 student make a one leader so the leader make all efforts for immprove their studies.the leaders are maken on the same day,where payal is also selected as a leader and her team her best friend renuka's brother also listed.

Payal has to given by professors a task that she could must give a any assignment related to Mathematics for her team members and order for completing an assignment.eventualy payal give assignment to all members including Her best friend brother Sandeep.

Next Day:-

All members of Payal leader team complete the task of assignment except Sandeep.She ask to sandeep why he not complete,then he say as rashly that "i am a son of Powerful Politician and i have all powers that i come any day any time in these college and just freely or timepassly,you stay out of my business i not like such things says angrily by Sandeep"";

The Payal as when ask the professor she says same as what he says;;then after Sandeep has invited to principle office room.The principle strictly Punished that he could Nail down in the middle of college with the Sunlight upto evening.

Payal and renuka met same day paya conserve about her brother at lunch time.she ask why he behave rude.then renuka replies he is has given all rights and powers by father,he has everything to do there is no any limit about his rudeness.,says Renuka.she also says beware of him.,he is that type of person who never trust anyone and untill didn,t take revenge.,says renuka.

Same day at Evening:-

Sandeep finaly free from punishment and also warned that if he oagain try to break a rules and policies of college or system then he would be send off.

Sandeep is very depressed as soon as he went home with lots of angryness filling in him.he complaint a suet all about to his father,that a Poor Girl where she doesn;t have money even for food or shelter,she complaint about me to the professor.,and the idiot professors punished me.i not going to leave both professor and that girl..,says sandeep.

22nd June :-

Payal and renuka came to college.payal observe Sandeep has been absent for the day.payal met at lunch time and ask about her brother she says she doesn't know where he is"".College as bell for home time,both friends are arriving to home in bike.Renuka drive a bike and payal sit back side.suddenly car hit renuka bike,both are fell down.renuka as trying to get as some one again hit at the head with a stone,thenshe unconcious and led down at the ground.payal also in unconcious situation,some one come and poured the Petrol at the Payal,payal has been full wet with the petrol and she doesn't know because she is in unconscious situation,as she fired and death at the spot.

23rd June:-

Renuka get conscious at morning,but she doesnt remind what exactly happened in her previous day evening.she untill know an accident occur on the road.she tries to call her friend but know any response.she ask in her home to her mother what happen,but no any response from anyone.then finaly she arrive at payal house where the parents are trying to Mourning of their death daughter.renuka after everything understand that the accident is an inncident which has been planned and she also knew it none other than her Brother Sandeep.the eyes were full of revenge,she doesn't cry,she doesnt tear a drop because she untill not punished her brother untill she doesnt peaceful.she take a promise to the best friend mother untill she must make justice to her friend and left from there.renuka is always with truth and law she never above law regardless either in her brothers matter supports only for law.

Renuka arrives police station there she see her father and brother both are has been close the case,they lefted from police station.Renuka suet the case for open the case of her best friend.police refussed to take as the district collector warned.police also said "as like these"You also away from these case mam otherwise they also kill you";;Said police inspector of Mysore Dist.

23rd June That night alonely a poor powerless women sit at yard with air and thinking about her best friend by her terry bear reminding.Finaly she decided whatever happens she must go to high court or supreme court but make justice for her best friend.

24th june as she arrived again police station and Request to File F.I.R.,but they again reject..,finaly she return to college as she suddenly some one make accident again to her bike and kidnapped to her.

25th june when she get concious she has been seemed in a rope at an unknown place.she tries to free from rope but fail.

25th June:

Sandeep came to there as she shocked and both conservation take as sandeep.try to away from these case and by these our father goodwill,reputation,everything collapse.,and by the way everything was over and there is nothing remains as forget it.Renuka"Shame on you and myself i shame to saying that you are my brother., you are a that kind of person who not left even animals also.

Finaly Sandeep warned and given upto tomorows time either she Loose and shut her mouth.otherwise she has been sent upto her friend near.

Well after Sandeep conserve to his dad(Father) about these then as says "Doesn't Matters Kill her."Hence in other hand the renuka with the will of god free from rope by her mouth taking rope away.,but the place which is full of secured some persons at out side.then she find and spotted a window at the right side and jump from there and finaly get her in to outside.she then as runing by the candle of gods will she struck byan N.G.O name Bhairav Pandey.Bhairav pandey works as N.G.O and also Recognised by Govt authority.He asks whats the matter that she found some what Tense on her face very fearful founding .then she conserve everything about her friend how she has been killed and also about her brother who now wanted to kill her also.

Fianly again they report the police station about suet the case.,where again police reject to complait.then the Bhairav warned to him if he doesnt then he will complint for the premises of Unlaw to the Rights of people.Due to no way found as they registered complained and F.I.R also.
December 25th 2011:-
The court has been punished to sandeep as to harrasing,to try to murdering and to erasing the proofs as eyes of law for "Sentense of Life" and his father for supporting and attempting for murder 10 years Punishement in prison.
The next friendship day came as everyone banding a friendship band but unfortunately the renuka sitting alone sadly by reminding with her friend terrybear awaiting for her."She see an soul imagine that she trying to bye bye as her soul free from as she get justice"'and make her friend alone forever and ever.
The justice and law are that kind of weapon which either any day its must get,regardless power,status,etc..,The story reveals a two best friends one of biggest meomorable story in india.


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