"The Rope and Well"[Inspirational Story]

by D.jeelan Basha on Friday 30 October 2015, 8:24 PM | Category: Rural Economy| View: 1401 views


The Rope and Well [Inspirational Story]

In a small village live a small family of mr.Prabhu.he is belongs to lower income family.he has two daughters and one son.he always worry about his two daughters for about their marriages who turns 21 years.In other hand his elder son "ludhan" is complete his graduate B.A its since 2 years after his completion of B.A ,qualify still he not found any job.the whole day he passed by roaming with his friends or idle spent time.
One day a father has been affected by first myocardial infarction [heart stock] and admitted emergency in hurrily by villagers in hospital.the information has been aware by his son by villagers and he anxietily started to ran way for hospital.on the way a village women request for him for helping to get water from the well.he help for the women as he get the water of three buckets help of rope and well,and to way continue his hospital as he saw his hands an red marks stain are covered on his hand palm.he started deep as by the rope when forcely energy by his efforts and energy then he possible to get water from well.he assumps that his father also with how much efforts and restless they runs family by many hard work sacrifices its possible.he a minute sit on stone and started to regreatness about his father.he from himself made a promise that he must work and help for his father for pay in financial run of family.
Moral :- 'No' Can Be Hard to Say Some parents will find it hard to say "no" after
years of saying "yes," even when their kids start
making bad choices but they must not quit every time for showing love its make a real challenge problem one day.the above story themes that a message after their childrens education they have rights atleast 5% of income must be pay for their family.special appearence of rope and well which makes a real weapon in these story to Change or in real words opening his eyes. Dont forget to read last article the white blanket" why a mother shoot 10 bullets and kill her son in law."The white blanket" at 12am on 1st january 2016?.
                                                                                                                                    - D.Jetu chopra.?
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