Kings daughter and Mangoes :-

by D.jeelan Basha on Thursday 8 October 2015, 7:52 PM | Category: Miscellaneous| View: 772 views

Part 2 :-

The Theift saint started her to get money by beg other wise he will not provide a food.the kings daugter becoming misfortune for food she started to day she collects many then any day she not get.she been tired about and started to collect a mangoes seeds.where in near the home of saint there was a forest which sand is very smooth she thinks its a good opportunity to grow a tree as its running rainy season as well.hence after some months the mangoes are been ready to grow.thus she conserve about these to saint.the saint thinks its a good job for get more money and he gave permission to sale of mangoes in two conditions.condition 1 she must not sell mangoes at the side of east.second is she must cover a scaff on her face.the kings daughter accepts his conditions and start to selling mangoes.every where for offering mangoes she use slogans as "take mangoes take in 5 rs 3 mangoes the king daughter came for sale of mangoes".

The 3 months over one day the mangoes are not sell in any part due to unseason.the demand is very low.thus she thinks if it free like the mangoes will destroy up to tomorrow.then she decided to sell that day only.,and started her slogan in the east "take mangoes take in 5 rs 3 mangoes kings daughter came for sale of mangoes".the kings wife here that slogan and see the girl,with some servants she call her.the kings daughter came and fluently seeing that home which something she reminding about.the kings wife said "look my child dont worry i will take your all mangoes but you have to remove your scaff.the daughter open her scaff where she observe the mole which appears her face on left eye.then without any objection she hugs and said loud voice " oh my lovely daughter where you go by lefting me alone".the daughter after knowing that she is now in her own home feel very that by mangoes the king found his daughter.the climax in these story end by when the thieft saint all over find that she not return definately she embeded in east and got to their family,so he went to kings palace for take his daughter again.thus in other hand the king make all efforts to kill that saint.thus when saint enter suddenly they cage in jail,and kill to saint.

Moral: The who ever brokes law they must be punished.

Part : 1:-

By "Mangoes" King found his lost Daughter.:

Once there was a king who has every thing money,wealth,palace but any where he wanted a daughter which comes as shine in his palace as a godess lakshmi.A king was very eagerly waiting for daughter,as he has been has 7 sons but no even one daughter.he ask a famous priest that for what i do i get daughter.the priest say u must bath in the ganga river which lies from the four sun shines may be its work.then he went their and done all prayes and devotions which tell by priest.hence after along years he birth a beautiful daughter but the daughter has a mole on the upmost left eye.king worried and ask about it then priest very sadly said the mole indicates your daughter in future face a big problem.the king started tho take all serious protection for her daughter for her grew up.

11 years over the teez name festival came all the girls in village started to go forest for celebrating season.thus by seeing these the daughter not stop herself and run awy with friends without informing.the day ago with lots joyment.suddenly a clouds take place and thunders started all the friends ran away on their ways inspiting kings daugter forget.the little daughter seated on down tree started cry.the saint whoes saw crying observe a full of jewelleries.he take all jewelleries and take her in to home. 

The story read as part one and after part two for clear understand....

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