Transit Embargo, Trade Embargo, Drugs, Terrorism, Fake notes, Morale boosting of minority separatist

by Amit Bhushan on Thursday 10 September 2015, 6:16 PM | Category: Politics| View: 713 views

Transit Embargo, Trade Embargo, Drugs, Terrorism, Fake notes, Morale boosting of minority separatist

By: Amit Bhushan Date: 10th Sept. 2015

Of late the rhetoric from an erstwhile "bro" nation seems to be getting much undue attention from commercial media which seizes all events to grab eyeballs without weighing if viewers/readers ain't fed up already. We are regularly told about the vast stockpiles of nuclear arms that is targeted towards the "only enemy” they can think off and plans to acquire other offensive capabilities for which vast resource allocation is already in pipe including "technical and financial support” from ‘allies' who are helping development of ports and other infrastructure. 

This is while we do not really get to know if they have any plans to improve hospitals and schools or other public services like ration, irrigation, handicraft skills, sanitation etc. for the people.While one gets to hear/read a lot about the "proxy war” waged via pathetically low wage soldiers often called terrorists by some or misguided youths or ultra-nationalists by others depending upon the glasses one is carrying; one however is tempted to raise question about what is "proxy” about those wielding guns especially when they are at no personal harm i.e. the typical hit and run variety. 

Proxy war is normally an exercise which would get exercised via putting embargoes like ones that are already in place in form of denial of transit or goods, information/data and people to third countries through conducive transit arrangements. This is especially so when there is not only an economic context but also a historical linkages. Denial of aerospace or sea routes may also fall in such category. 

It is also exercised via embargo of trade between people of the two nations which could have resulted in mutual benefits etc. and denial of trade is a way to thwart mutual connect to be built between societies and increase mutual dependencies. Proxy war is also run by turning a blind eye or encouraging trade in undesirable substance such as weapons, drugs, illegal communication devices and networks, human trafficking etc. which has potential to cause substantial damage to society. Pushing or encouragement to fake notes in economy to destabilize payment system is another arena. 

Then we also keep hearing cyber-attacks as well as "psychological war via media- whatever it may mean”. Getting unnecessarily tough with innocent people like fishermen or stray civilians may be other ways of keeping relationship on a low ebb. Knowingly sheltering criminals and non-cooperation in this regards as a policy may also get categorized as proxies and this may include sponsorship or support to those, whose sole aim is to destabilize a legitimate elected government. We again have border skirmishes where "soldiers" keep on testing each other mettle/metal for which we have thankfully put in place some mechanism for de-escalation though when such mechanism would kick in or when that would fail is something of a practitioner's art. 

This may not be part of proxy, though.Instead of trying to calculate the cost of all proxy and non-proxy wars being waged and figure a way out, what we often get to hear is what a particular leader is doing or a war of words by supporters of respective leaders in particular about what the author would call "non-proposals” since it generally tantamount to nothing and is generally about "talking for the sake of talks or the next photo opportunity”. While this may be unavoidable however it's about time when the cost calculations are also tabled for public debates.


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