A Comprehensive Guide for Parents to Preparing Your Child for College

by David Anderson on Tuesday 11 August 2015, 8:01 AM | Category: Campus Articles| View: 633 views

Bringing up a child is a long expedition, and as a parent, you play a key role for the healthy growth of your child's future.

A research by Ronald Ferguson states that, More than half number of Childs' achievement during academic years is greatly affected by the factors outside the school, including the support of parents.

If you lack necessary parental care and attention, it may result in subsequent rise of juvenile felony, irreversible behavioral and emotional problems.

The initial years of education are filled with learning fundamental skills and knowledge. These studies may not seem exciting but as your child progresses, he or she begin to find areas of study that keep them hooked.

It may be simple discussing with your children like which college to choose and how much more they can learn when they start going university. However, the most important thing is to make the idea of college interesting and help your child understand the importance of higher education.

As per the analysis made by Educare, an established advisory firm for the families, the following are suggestions you can incorporate as a parent to prepare your child for college:

Determine your child's preference first: It is extremely essential for your child to know what type of education they want. If your child has planned a certain career in mind, make sure you research the exact courses requirements thoroughly. Based on that, your child also needs to choose the appropriate college to attend.

Start early preparation: While your child is still in high school, you have to start early searching for the appropriate college. There are many universities, which require you to submit your application months before the semester starts. Know the submission dates and make sure you don't miss the deadline.

Manage your finance: Attending College is generally very expensive so you have to be realistic about your finances. There are several costs combined to create the final cost for each semester including tuition, food and other course expenses. An early preparation in arranging funds may save your child from relying on loans and economic difficulties after graduation. 

Share your experiences: College life comes with a number of challenges. While arranging funds make sure you also support your child emotionally.  You can share your college experiences can make your child excited about the upcoming venture and also helps to settle more quickly. If you didn't go to any college, you can also refer a relative or a close friend.

Prepare your child for the financial responsibilities: Even if you choose to pay for your child's college, you should teach your child about budgeting from an early age. Make them understand the importance of saving and how it helps at the time of emergencies. It is a life lesson that needs to be inculcated before heading to college.

Help your child to be self-reliant: Since your child is supposed to manage all the everyday needs that might have been taken care at home, you must also taught your children for being self-dependent. These activities include laundry, preparing meals and housekeeping. So start getting your child cleaning the bedroom and other chores.

Preparing your child for college may be one of the most challenging phases in both you and your child's life, however taking the time to help both academically and emotionally make the transition go smoothly. Give them chance to spread their wings and let them make their way in the world.

Author Bio: David is a mother of three and a contributor to the educational systems. A graduate from the University of Newcastle, Jamie is experienced in implementing small programs for preschool and school aged children.

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