Afri- Lingual Telecom and Electronics products and Internet marketplace development

by Amit Bhushan on Saturday 12 July 2014, 12:12 PM | Category: Business Marketing| View: 611 views

 Afri- Lingual Telecom and Electronics products and Internet marketplace development

By : Amit Bhushan                                                                                         Date: 10th Jul 14



The lower end electronic (electrical and consumer goods) products design, assembly, distribution and after sales seems to be ready for change as markets for these products in India change. The entrepreneurs in India seem to be taking interests in taking a greater share of activities within country as they identify market segments that they can address profitably within the country. As they decide to set up shops to assemble cheaper products, they will be tempted to explore the market for such products in other price conscious markets to gain economies of scale as well as partnerships so that they may create further value over the longer term.


Such a process can be catalyzed by getting support from telecom/ISP/media companies in Africa who may want to support development of lucrative data market and Value Added services business toehold for themselves in these markets. Businesses in India may bring in their strength in cost effective computer programming & maintenance including sensitivity for the markets to create internet market places and bring in promotion support for small assemblers of innovative electronic products, by offering a platform to access virgin markets. This off course will require development of payment mechanisms, branding, delivery systems, aftersales support in each market many of which lack IT infra as well as connectivity access for common people. Also for products, most other Asian competitors are geared for large batch orders which may not be possibly expected from nascent markets which may consume only small quantities of a specific product type. Other emerging markets in Asia & other regions may also become ripe but they would have their own sophisticated product industry as well IT players (barring SAARC/Central Asia & possibly MENA). Where India can score is developing whole ecosystems for such markets cheaply due to cheap technical manpower and a supportive local ecosystem and experience in its own market which other countries in fray may find difficult to replicate. So with some politico-economic support, players in India may develop their consortium that may tie up with willing local players to support the development of copycat ecosystems suited to the local markets in such economies.


These developments will have tremendous impact in the field of education and services and organization structure of the local economies leading to improved productivity and jobs. The gains may help contain the political upheaval being faced by these economies at regular interval and bring in better methods of tracing the mindset changes afflicting these regions for smoother functioning of economies. These changes may follow development and support for other net/mobile based products/services for such markets in locally understandable formats for which the professionals in countries like India will need to collaborate with local population to understand aesthetics and linguistic expertise and reach out to markets jointly. The energy and mineral resource rich countries can be a good audience for development of such ecosystems which would help streamline the flow of output and cool down disruptions by smoothening changes as in case of China or Russia (Indonesia and India included). where political disruptions is actually under control due to enablement of better response by authorities as well as ironing out of any dissatisfaction due to a robust local job market as well as entrepreneurial wealth creation opportunities. 

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