How to Refill your Color Cannon ink Cartridge at Home?

by Muhammad Azam on Wednesday 25 December 2013, 2:11 AM | Category: Hardware| View: 1961 views

Ink cartridges for printers can now be refilled. There was a time when we were dependent on getting them refilled from the markets. Time now has been changed. You can refill the ink cartridges at your home with the help of ink refilling kits. Each manufacturer now has introduced ink refilling kits. These refilling kits can be much cost effective than purchasing a new ink cartridge. This ease has attracted a large number of people to purchase the ink cartridge refilling kits. They are widely available and refilling is not that much tough. Although you have to be careful but it you are good at handling delicate things, then refilling will not be that hard for you.

Are you out of ink?

If you have a Canon printer and you run out of ink, you will have two options. You can either purchase a new Canon ink cartridge or do the Canon ink refill. The refill can be done at home too.  Once you will learn to refill the ink cartridges, it will get easier for you to handle the job. You will not get frustrated by learning that your printer is out of ink. The refilling can be done 5 to 10 times before you dispose your ink cartridges. Purchasing the brand new ink cartridges for your Canon printer can get very much expensive.  If you are scared of refilling the ink cartridges at home then you can also go to a printer filling station for refilling the cartridges. It is easier to refill a black Canon ink cartridge but if you have a color ink cartridge, then refilling will be a little tricky. You might have to ask a trained professional to refill the color ink cartridge. If you wish to learn to refill yourself then this piece of writing can help you. 

Buy printer ink

First of all, you will have to buy printer ink which you will need for refilling. Refilling kits are available out there now that can help you in refilling. Black ink will not do the work here. You will need Cyan, Yellow, and Magenta ink.

Prepare your ink cartridge

The next step is to be ready for refilling. First of all, remove your empty color Canon ink cartridges. If you don't know the procedure of removing the ink cartridges, then consult the manual for your Canon printer. The instructions at the manual can help you in removing the cartridge from damaging even while you are adding color. If you don't have the manual with you then use the internet for finding the procedure of removing the cartridge. Before you begin with refilling, make sure you lay old newspaper to cover the table or the counter where you are working. Wear an apron and gloves for so that you don't end up with printer ink stains. Place the ink cartridges upright onto clean paper towel.  If you are using ink refilling kits, you will have all the tools available for refilling. If you don't have any refilling kits then you can use stuff available at home for refilling. Take a blade knife and hold the cartridge upright with one hand. Insert the blade in a small space between the body and cap of the cartridge. Twist the knife for popping off your cartridge's cap.  Try to do this gently because you might hurt yourself with the knife. Once the cap is open, you will find 6 holes there.  There will be 3 small holes. They are meant for refilling. Use them to refill the ink. Use a thumb drill and insert it into reach of these holes.  Turn the drill in clockwise direction until it drills into the plastic sealing that is meant for the protection of the holes.

Refilling of empty ink cartridge

Now comes the refilling. You have to fill specific ink color in each of these holes. Cyan ink will go into the top hole, yellow ink is meant for the hole at the bottom right, and magenta will go into the hole at the bottom left.  You will have to use 3 different plastic syringes for refilling. Don't use the same syringe for refilling all the colors. Cover the refilling holes of other colors with tape when you are filling one color.  This will ensure that you don't accidently drip even a single droplet of ink into other holes.

Place paper towels on the ink cartridges so that all the ink spills are absorbed. Make sure the ink does not leak out of the cartridge. After this, put it back into your printer. You will have to wait for at least 8 hours before you use the printer to test the refilling.

If you think you cannot do the refilling yourself then don't panic because you can find the best deals on Canon printer cartridges refills. A number of companies are offering the facility of refilling the empty ink cartridges.

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