Make corporate team building a New Year's Resolution

by Paul Simms on Wednesday 18 December 2013, 11:30 PM | Category: Strategy| View: 1005 views

Make corporate team building a New Year's Resolution

Just as many people use the New Year to make resolutions about what they will and won't do for the next year, as do many business owners. 

In this case, they write or decide on a list of new starts for themselves and their business, with the hope of changing for the better, growing and becoming more successful. 

These New Years' Resolutions can often include their administration, cash flow or economising to try to minimise their outgoings. 

However, other managers and owners are often more focused on their team members, using their enthusiasm at the New Year to make changes which will improve focus and productivity. It stands to reason that the New Year is the best time to add these changes, after all announcing a change in policy mid way through the year could lead to suspicion that all is not well, whilst people expect changes in the first portion of the year. 

One of the major changes which many business owners choose to introduce is team building events from events companies like Accomplished Events, and there are many reasons why investing in corporate team building days could help businesses in 2014:

Strengths and weaknesses

Being able to see the strengths and weaknesses of each team member can be crucial, especially when it comes to developing the team, allocating tasks, and promoting staff where needed. However, within the normal working environment it's not always easy to see each team member in an objective light. This is because, whilst they might be perfectly good at the task they do on a daily basis, they might have further strengths or weaknesses which aren't as noticeable. However, taking them out of their “comfort zone” into team building activities is a great way of seeing the team member in a more objective way. 

Losing boundaries

Many teams function by way of respect and trust in their supervisors and colleagues. However, as essential as these two qualities are, they can also be a hindrance, especially when it comes to encouraging clear and unfiltered communication, as many business owners wish to. However, in removing the typical working environment and transporting those team members into team building days, the boundaries which exist in the workplace and which can stilt this helpful communication are broken down, allowing the team member to be themselves. 

It may seem, from the statement above that the idea of these team building days is to encourage the team to be disrespectful to each other. This is not the case, but instead by allowing each member of the team the freedom to express themselves without the normal boundaries, there is more likely to be an atmosphere of "genuine" respect afterwards, rather than a falsified respect which exists because it is expected. 


The problem solving activities which take place on team building events are a vital element of the process which will help staff to become more thoughtful, more creative and more productive within their day to day activities. With this in mind, the hope for any business owner who invests in team building activities is that the team will transfer all of the knowledge they gained on the day to their working activities. 

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