Heralding the Age of Computerization: How Auto CAD/CAM Technology is Improving the Dental Industry

by Lewis Humphries on Friday 1 November 2013, 1:05 AM | Category: Software| View: 1551 views

While autoCAD technology can hardly be considered as a new software innovation, its increasing range of applications is breaking new ground in several industries.

This is particularly true in the dental industry, which has benefited considerably from CAD and CAM technology during the last 5 years. As innovation has heralded the dawn of digital and computerized dentistry, so too individuals have been able to enjoy a quicker, less intrusive and more efficient selection of services. This ground-breaking level of innovation as taken on even greater relevance in the current economy, as it has enabled providers to distinguish themselves in the eyes of those who they serve.

The Influence of AutoCAD/CAM Technology on Dentistry

So if the benefits of autoCAD/CAM software has obvious benefits in dentistry, then it is also fair to surmise that their impact have been amplified by current economic climate. With this in mind, lets take a look at the core benefits and how autoCAD technology has effected significant change: -


  • Meeting the Changing Consumer Demand: On a fundamental level, technology and computerization has cultivated a more demanding generation of consumers. Digital technology has enabled users to complete everyday tasks more quickly and efficiently, meaning that they have come to expect similar levels of service from providers across a range of industries. The adaptation of autoCAD/CAM technology has subsequently helped to bridge this gap, primarily by improving the speed and quality of diagnostics through clear digital x-rays.


  • Enhanced Impressions and Treatments: The experience of patients is a key consideration for providers, and the implementation of advanced autoCAD/CAM technology has helped to optimise this significantly. More specifically, it has eliminated the delivery of messy impression materials and inaccurate diagnostics, while placing individuals at ease and guaranteeing them peace of mind. Thanks to clearly defined digital images, there is a far greater level of understanding and communication between all parties involved within the dental industry.



  • The Speed with Which Complex Treatments are Delivered: With CAD/CAM digital impressions, it easier to identify the root cause of an issue and the best possible resolution. This has dramatically reduced the completion time of even complex procedures, which in turn ensures that individuals have to deal with minimal pain and less intrusive diagnostic measures. On a broader scale, autoCAD/CAM technology has therefore been able to streamline the goals of providers and their methods of operation, meaning that innovation and computerization has played a key role in revolutionising the dental industry.


The Last Word

Leading providers such as cosmetic dentist  Dr. Dan Matthews have benefited significantly by embracing autoCAD/CAM technology, especially in terms of their speed, efficiency and overall quality of care. The impact of computerization and digitalization should therefore not be underestimated in the industry, especially in a technologically advanced economy that remains extremely volatile.

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