The Benefits of Multi-Carrier Shipping

by Amellia Hope on Thursday 24 October 2013, 7:33 PM | Category: Operations| View: 1198 views

Businesses the world over waste both time and money manually deciding what carrier to use for each order they ship. To counteract this, some businesses adopt a legacy system that controls it, but this costs the business money and leads to service failures as the best carrier may not be put on the right job. For this reason, you should adopt a multi-carrier shipping system for your deliveries.


The Benefits of an Online System


An online multi-carrier shipping system allows you to automatically assign deliveries to the desired carrier. This means that you can assign an order to a carrier based on the expertise of the carrier. Using such a wide ranging option also allows you to explore both domestic and international carriers depending on your client base. By adopting a single, online system, your accounts also become simpler and more manageable while also eliminating the cost of building and maintaining interfaces to multiple carriers.


Increasing Customer Satisfaction


The late delivery or mismanagement of goods is one of the main reasons that businesses lose custom. As well as this, if you have a feedback section on your site, many of these aggrieved customers will post feedback on there and, if it is published to the rest of your site, this may deter other potential clients. If you properly manage your delivery system online then you can limit these risks and transform negative feedback into positive responses that actually encourage other customers.


As well as this, with the correct software, you can integrate text and email notifications to keep your clients up to date with their delivery. This increase in communication will undoubtedly lead to greater levels of customer satisfaction.


Save Time and Money

Although the process appears to be filled with technical jargon, setting up an account is easy. Once you've taken the simple steps it takes to set up an account you can begin to take advantage of the many benefits. When you have the system in place, you're only ever several steps away from finalising an order. This means that, rather than spending hours and hours focusing on delivery, members of staff can get back to their jobs, boosting productivity and saving your business money.


There are many benefits to an online multi-carrier shipping system so, if you're looking to change the way that your business ships orders, give one a go today.

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