Looking for Your Perfect Office? Things to Consider…

by Amellia Hope on Friday 4 October 2013, 2:04 PM | Category: Operations| View: 1052 views

 It is hard to please all the people, all the time. There are always going to be issues when many people work in the same office. Some people want the air-conditioning turned up, while others feel sit shivering in a coat and hat to keep warm. The main thing that you can do when looking for an office space is to think about the basics. What are your essential requirements?

What do You Want from Your New Premises?

Think about the benefits of being in a new office environment. If you are relocating then consider what you can learn from the time spent at your old office. If your previous premises had things which bugged everyone, such as a lack of natural light and the temperature of an igloo, then take these things into account in your search for a new place.

Ask Your Employees

Ask your staff what they would like to see in the new office, as there may be things that you have forgotten. If you provide a comfortable eating area it encourages employees to take their breaks at lunch time which can build relationships and increase productivity.

Location, Location, Location

Location is crucial when it comes to finding a new office. Does it have good transport links?

You may be able to encourage employees to consider walking part of the way to work. Or your office could get involved in the cycle to work scheme. Just ensure there are adequate facilities for keeping bikes safe and dry. 

These days, the city can seem grey and obtrusive. If there is a green space nearby, this can be extremely attractive to employees.  

Choosing the Right Building

It helps to get professional assistance. Using a specialist can reduce your stress levels considerably. They will take into consideration the factors that are essential to businesses, such as internet connection, adequate facilities, security and options regarding the length of lease. A company like Skyline Offices will have a great portfolio of properties to suit every business' requirements. 

Get Your Employees Excited About the Move

Maybe there are gyms, crèches, good pubs and restaurants near the office.  You could suss out the local area and put together an information pack about what's accessible nearby. This pack could be offered to new staff at their induction, and could also be a welcome pack for employees if your business is relocating. 

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