A No Nonsense Guide to Private Health Insurance

by Amellia Hope on Wednesday 25 September 2013, 8:05 PM | Category: Insurance & Risk Management| View: 2316 views

Will the current government dismantle the NHS? This has been a hot topic in recent months and has led many UK citizens to consider switching to private health insurance. For now, all UK citizens are still entitled to free healthcare on the NHS, but there may be instances in which private health insurance could benefit you more.

Who Does and Doesn't Need Private Health Insurance?

Private health insurance isn't for everybody. In fact, a large portion of the population will hopefully never need private health insurance (that is of course provided that the NHS doesn't become dismantled as part of the current government's series of austerity measures). But there are those who will definitely benefit from treatments which they won't be able to receive through the NHS. Mostly  these are people who require specific drugs or specialist surgery (such as for sports related injuries), which may not be covered by the NHS. Also, some people may simply not want to have to wait in order to receive treatment; naturally, as the NHS is free, there are more often than not substantial waiting lists before you can be treated.

What Are the Real Pros and Cons?

You will find countless blogs online that attempt to convince you that you either do or don't need private health insurance. The reality is that there are benefits and disadvantages to both, and your decision is essentially a very personal one. Though some will rave about the advantages of private health insurance (and there are many), it is by no means an infallible approach. For instance, chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and some forms of cancer, generally aren't covered by private health insurance. It is also considerably expensive and shows no sign of getting any cheaper. Of course there are massive pluses as well. You won't have to wait to receive treatment on private health insurance. Likewise you will not only chose which hospital and specialist you wish to see, but you will have a level of privacy and comfort not offered on the NHS. Choosing one or the other depends entirely on your priorities. 

Make the Right Choice For You

To summarise, don't automatically assume that private health insurance is automatically better than the treatment you'd receive from the NHS. In many cases it is, but you should look at your own specific set of circumstances before making the commitment to change. To receive a non-biased private health insurance quote, visit http://www.activebrokers.co.uk.

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