Why Is It So Important To Choose The Right Business Telephone Systems?

by Paul Simms on Thursday 18 July 2013, 11:17 PM | Category: Operations| View: 1136 views

Communication is essential for pretty much all businesses, both large and small, and without the right telephone systems in place, clients and customers can find it hard to get in touch. When people cannot contact you, your efficiency levels and reputation can both become compromised, so it really is virtually impossible to underestimate the importance of telephone systems in business. It is essential that businesses find the right telephone systems packages for their needs. If they are a growing business, there's little to be gained by spending too much, but at the same time, not laying out enough cash for communications technologies can lead to problems too. The best telephone systems are robust enough to stay up-and-running whatever happens, keeping downtime to a minimum and ensuring that people can always get through to you or your staff when they need to.

Shopping Around

There are many telephone system and package providers on the market, so it can make sense to investigate your options before settling upon one. You could look online for reviews or even ask your business associates if there are any companies that they might be able to recommend. Not every package is right for every business, so you need to take time to consider the amount of calls you're likely to be making and should even consider whether you need a package that caters for international calls if these are likely to be a regular occurrence.

Consider Business Size

You will even need to think about the amount of staff that you will be employing. Technologies such as PBX can cater for networks of over 50 staff, whilst VOOP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems can be cost-effective is you are likely to be making many international calls. If you regular hold virtual conferences you should look for facilities that support this, and these systems can also be beneficial if a large number of your staff are going to be working outside of the office.

Hosted Telephone Systems v Landlines

You're likely to be faced with a choice between hosted telephony VOIP and landline systems. VOIP can be very alluring, and does give you the option of free calls, and you may choose to purchase hybrid phones that can handle landline calls and VOIP based communications too. However, as it is internet-based, if your web connection does go down, you won't be able to make calls during the time it is unavailable. It's also remembering that calls are only free when the people that you are calling are using the same VOIP service provider. Nonetheless, many businesses have found the adoption of VOIP to be instrumental in their communications activities. With VOIP you are also likely to enjoy phone calls of crystal-clear quality, but these systems can be expensive. Sticking with a landline set-up may be beneficial if you feel that the pitfalls outweigh the advantages -but all business telephone systems have their pros as well as cons. 

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