Mixing travel and education - the perfect blend of experience

by David Anderson on Thursday 21 March 2013, 3:43 PM | Category: Miscellaneous| View: 1675 views

With such a wide range of travel options these days it can seem the humble school trip can get swallowed up. But companies offering educational excursions help bring subjects alive for children. This article fills you in on these tours.

School Trips.
For a lot of people, school trips provide some of the most stirring memories of their time in education. Funnily enough, they also seem to furnish people with some of their most boring and contrived memories - there is no real proper way to talk up the time you sat on a coach in the pouring rain looking at a field where a battle took place mere centuries earlier, or when you were trying not to choke on the accumulated dust in an uninspiring and dark museum.

Whether by accident or simple bad design, what is supposed to be a fun way to reinforce and encourage an enthusiasm for learning can turn out to be a disaster. Teachers may find themselves running out of ideas after a number of years running the same type of trips. Nowadays, though, a number of specialist companies offer educational travel tours that are both fun and intellectually stimulating, taking the pressure of the teachers (or parents).

Different Strokes for Different Folks.
The impressive thing about these tours is their sheer variety. Trips can be set up to take place all over the globe, to reinforce learning in as disparate areas as art, geography, history and music. These are not rigid itineraries handed down to you from above, either. Depending on the makeup of your group and what objectives you would like to achieve, many operators will work with you to design a bespoke trip, dwelling on areas you feel are important and making sure you pick the right destination or destinations. This can also include more everyday concerns such as board, accommodation and the safety of the children that will be under your care.

You are also subject to extra pairs of hands, which can be useful when trying to heard boisterous and excited children! Companies will provide qualified and screened chaperones who can add to your tour, giving talks and bringing to life wherever you are visiting.

Longer Term.

One other thing these companies can do is arrange for these
educational travel tours turn into something a little more extended. Sometimes, a student or group will want to take on a longer trip, one that becomes residential and which can spread across a number of weeks or months. This can be for some concerted training, on a musical instrument, for example, or more commonly to learn a language. As any language teacher will say, the best way to learn a language is through immersion, working with and in the new tongue on a daily basis. These are still subject to the same planning as the other trips, but are more suitable for smaller groups.

David Anderson is a writer and researcher working for a number of publications in the educational and travel markets in London. He likes wine, reading and
ski holidays in Austria - well you have to have something energetic amongst your hobbies! He lives in Surrey with her husband and two children.

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