Guest Lecture by Arvind Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas

by Management Paradise on Tuesday 5 March 2013, 4:40 PM | Category: Press Releases| View: 1004 views

Guest Lecture by Arvind Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwas


On 4th March 2013, social activist and Indian politician, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal graced the students of Faculty of Management studies with his presence. He was accompanied by Dr. Kumar Vishwas, the noted poet of the Kavi-Sammelan fame.


Mr. Kejriwal began the discussion by describing his background, right from IIT kharagpur to being an officer in the IRS. He talked about his struggle against corruption which ultimately lead him to start his own political party, The Aam Aadmi Party. He stated that the root of corruption lies within the law itself and not just the implementation of law. According to him, the punishment for corruption includes 7 years in jail but does not include returning the money so earned. Also, the government appoints a free lawyer for those accused of corruption. These laws favour the corrupt as opposed to the common public.


He then went on to describe the key elements of the Jan Lokpal bill proposed by him. He said, firstly, the court cases should not stay pending for too long, and secondly, an officer who is found to be corrupt will have to pay a fine from his salary which will then be used to compensate those who have been wronged by him. He proposed the concept of “Swaraj” where the society takes key decisions at the grassroots level itself without depending on the elected officials. Mr. Kejriwal gave examples of cities in Brazil and Switzerland who have successfully managed to implement this model of governance.


The discussion was taken forward by Mr. Vishwas in a light hearted way. He reiterated Mr. Kejriwal's views and urged the students to come forward and volunteer to the cause of transformation of the state of the nation.


When asked how he responds to accusations of starting civil disobedience, Mr. Kejriwal responded by saying it is our duty to oppose something wrong and unjust; he is ready to face consequences for his actions, citing example of his planned fast on the 23rd march.


When asked about his plans for the Aam Aadmi Party, Mr. Kejriwal stated that he wants to implement the “primaries” election system in the Delhi elections in small measures. It is a method where the public chooses their own representatives rather that the party deciding on it. He thinks it will help in the decentralising of power.


He stressed that he does not think in terms of “capitalism” or “leftism” etc; he only sees problems and works on finding their solutions. Once again he urged the youth to become sensitive to the issues facing the nation and to work constructively to leave behind a clean and prosperous country to the future generations. The session ended with a thought-provoking round of questions which left the students inspired and enthralled.

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