Vipin Saboo, Senior Manager-ECB at Yes Bank recommends- to be ethical get right things done at right

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A dynamic professional, who has been an Investment and a corporate banker from his college days and a visiting faculty with a number of institutions for both Grads and Under Grads. Completing his Bachelors in Management science and PGDM from Syndenham College, he also perused his MCom from Mumbai University.

In his opinion, Ethics is a very simple subject since it deals with Human behavior which can never be predicted. It deals with the day to situations which people/organizations face and hence studies their impact. It is one subject which comes from the heart rather than books!

In his view Outsourcing of Supply Chain Management process is done from companys perspective not from profit or customer perspective. The risk of in appropriate outsourcing still lies with the company. He feels JIT and Total quality control actually go hand in hand which enables the company to achieve economies of scale without increase cost. When asked about effective store layouts of Kirana Duakan, he said- Kirana Dukan faces the maximum space crunch. Since these are shops where the product churn is the maximum, effective store layout would help them in maximizing efficiency.

To share more bites on the Ethics and Logistics here is some part of the interview.

1.  Ethical behavior and corporate social responsibility can bring significant benefits to a business. - What is your opinion on this? 

Corporate Social Responsibility is a less broad concept than civic involvement. Even though there is no set, internationally accepted definition, this is often described as a voluntary responsibility that transcends the demands of national legislation and encompasses human rights and environmental and social issues. And other definition of CSR uses sustainable development as a starting point. In practice, CSR means that businesses meet the demands of national legislation and, where this is inadequate, look in addition to a collection of established, fundamental freedoms and rights that are globally recognized.

2. In your view does Good ethics results in good businesses?

Absolutely, the following can be justified as follows

i. Public Image - The activities of business towards the welfare of the society earn goodwill and reputation for the business. The earnings of business also depend upon the public image of its activities. People prefer to buy products of a company that engages itself in various social welfare programs. Again, good public image also attracts honest and competent employees to work with such employers.

ii. Government Regulation – To avoid government regulations businessmen should discharge their duties voluntarily. For example, if any burn:-firm pollutes the environment it will naturally come under strict government regulation which may ultimately force the firm to close down its business. Instead, the business firm should engage itself in maintaining a pollution free environment.

iii. Survival and Growth - Every business is a part of the society. So for its survival and growth, support from the society is very much essential. Business utilizes the available resources like power, water, land, roads, etc of the society- So it should be the responsibility of every business to spend a part of its profit for the welfare of the society.

iv. Employee satisfaction - Besides getting good salary and working in a healthy atmosphere, employees also expect other facilities like proper accommodation, transportation, education and training. The employers should try to fulfill all the expectations of the employees because employee satisfaction is directly related to productivity and it is also required for the long-term prosperity of the organization. For example, if business spends money on training of the employees, it will have more efficient people to work and thus, earn more profit.

v. Consumer Awareness - Now-a-days consumers have become very conscious about their rights. They protest against the supply of inferior and harmful products by forming different groups. This has made it obligatory for the business to protect the interest of the consumers by providing quality products at the most competitive price.

3. Introduction of E-procurement has reduced the cost of many organizations in overseas. - Do you feel it will be effective for Indian organizations?

The same is already being practiced by many organizations in India especially with the advancement of E commerce, the hassles of the physical procurement have been reduced and the time for procurement has been shortened.

4. Any feedback for

MP has appropriately positioned itself, just need to keep up to these brand promises!


For more insights on Ethics and Logistics you can contact Vipin Saboo @ 9820779873


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