Students at IIM Calcutta discuss the Zeitgeist movement

by Abhijeet S on Saturday 21 August 2010, 10:42 AM | Category: Campus Articles| View: 1060 views

 Students at IIM Calcutta discuss the Zeitgeist movement

Members of the Zeitgeist movement in Calcutta converged at IIM Calcutta this week to have a discussion with the students to discuss current socio-economic policies, the relevance of the Zeitgeist philosophy's solution in the current Indian scenario and implementable solutions. The Zeitgeist Movement is a worldwide grassroots movement advocating social change, most significantly that of society transitioning from a Monetary Based Economy to a Resource Based Economy. It is one of the largest recent movements for social change in the world with more than 4 lakh members and is growing with exponential gusto.

The discussion was conducted by the Colloquia Cell of IIM Calcutta. Rajat Sharma, the head of the Cell, said “Considering the increasing popularity of the movement, we believed that the philosophy offered an interesting and opposing point of view generally prevalent in a B-school. We believed that as future managers the students at IIM Calcutta needed to discuss and ponder upon such issues. The discussion was enlightening, with various points being volleyed back and forth on the social and economic state of the country, our policies and feasible solutions”.

The aim of the Zeitgeist social design is to free humanity from the repetitive occupational roles which hold no true relevance for social development while encouraging a new incentive system that is focused on self fulfillment, education, social awareness and creativity- as opposed to the goals of personal wealth, property and power. “It was an interesting experience, considering that the general philosophy was something of a contradiction to our general views. It made us more aware of such movements and helped us understand them better”, said Vikas Gupta, one of the students who attended the discussion.  

“In the context of pure economics alone, it was a challenging discussion, and enabled students to understand and appreciate different points of view”, added Rajat Sharma. “Such talks enable us to think of the concepts we learn in the classroom in a very real practical sense and understand their implications better”, said Harish Seshadri Sharma, another student at IIM Calcutta. 

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