Tips to Get Top Grades in IGNOU MBA Entrance Exams

by Azher Memon on Saturday 20 October 2012, 5:43 PM | Category: Campus Articles| View: 1835 views

As we all know IGNOU entrance exams are approaching fast, it is important put your best effort to get good grades. Thus, to help you get good grades we will today provide you with some effective tips that will for sure improve your grades if implemented honestly. IGNOU exams are based on course studied by students' whole year and questions asked are all from within the subject content. Students get confused when questions are asked in an indirect manner and end up getting low grades.

To get ‘A' grade in IGNOU exams hard work is the key. However there are many things you can do to make your work easy. Starting with self study, notes preparation is important. The notes provided by IGNOU for a subject are designed for better understanding to all types of students. However depending on your way of studying you can make your own notes in many ways. Such as if you like to study in points you can prepare notes point wise. Giving answers in points always impresses the paper checker and you can score good grades if you write all important points required in an answer.

Another thing to remember is avoid late night studies in the last days of examinations. Late night study when examinations are just a couple of days away is very habit. Students might think its cool but what it does it tires the brain because of no rest provided and because brain not being completely refreshed it affects the quality of answers and students might forget necessary points in examinations because of restless nights.

When exams are near one thing you must do is give up TV. TV is biggest enemy when it comes to studying with complete concentration. If you want to score ‘A' grade then you need to put your complete attention in studies. So try to stay away from TV at least a week before the examination till the examination ends. When exams are just a day away, try to revise all content you have studied until now. Avoid jumping and learning a completely new topic. This will assure that you are well prepared if a question in the exam is asked about your well studied section and if you jump in new topic in last day you will not be able to revise an old topic in result you will lose grades.

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