A Day in the life of an IIM Indore Student

by Management Paradise on Tuesday 2 October 2012, 3:50 PM | Category: Campus Articles| View: 4277 views

A Day in the life of an IIM Indore Student


If life at IIM Indore was to be described in just two words, “breakneck speed” would do complete justice to it. Situated on a picturesque hillock that purportedly never sleeps, time at IIM I- or Planet-I as we fondly refer to it- literally flies, with seconds, minutes and hours being but an inconceivable blur. With commonly held notions of day and night notwithstanding, the campus is found bustling with activity round the clock. While the daytime sees the students engaged in regular tasks of attending classes and tending to their individual work, the campus comes to life in the night, with the night mess being the hub of activity, with birthday bashes and intellectual conversations running into the wee hours of the morning.

The first lesson a budding manager learns at Planet-I is that of time management. On a typical day, one has to dapple with a minimum of two assignments, three case studies, club/committee related work and participation in at least one of the gazillion competitions that B-school students are subjected to. All this, in addition to the regular classes which span over four hours and the frequent not-very-pleasant surprise quizzes. Punctuality takes a whole new connotation at Planet-I. While this seems like a daunting proposition, a week into the rigmarole, handling the pressure becomes second nature to most students. The initial apprehension gives way to superlative excitement, as each day brings with it a plethora of challenges, amalgamated with the adrenaline rush associated with uncertainty.

Among the major sources of these challenges are the various student managed events that dot the academic calendar, of which Ahvan, the socio management fest, is the biggest event on campus. Spread across three days, this managerial extravaganza witnesses the best minds from top notch B-schools battle it out in events catering to all aspects of management, with an added social undertone. As all events on campus are predominantly conceptualized and executed by the students themselves, they are kept on their toes throughout the year.

Planet-I lives up to its name by being an extremely distinct entity unto itself, where an eclectic student body, in an electrifying atmosphere, has an emphatic impact on all its undertakings. In a nutshell, each day in this planet is one crazy roller-coaster ride. It has its ups and downs, twists and turns, but in the end one walks away having been part of an exhilarating experience.

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