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by Faheem Khan on Friday 31 August 2012, 11:56 PM | Category: Summer Internship Contest| View: 1669 views

 Mostly on the day of exam alley is filled with these type of questioned that, How was your paper? What have you written in this question? And the trademark sentence ki Arey yaar main to fail is paper mein? On the last day that was the last examination of our 3rd tri-semester, the questioned which suddenly were flowing in the ambience around me were, Where are you going for your Internship? What would you be doing there? What is the location? Somewhere there in there I was also there standing ambivalent as I was blithe of being intern in my core Interest area that's primarily includes playing with numbers and excel was the tool and parting away from my friends for nearly 3 months whom I have done all the friskiness for past 9 or so months. First I left for my home for a 4 days there I boarded the train to the Mayanagri yes its MUMBAI. I had goose bumps after boarding the trains in a regular interval, normally I just love the environment of train and my favourite pass time is to sleep, that night I just can't sleep with thoughts running all over my mind. In the afternoon I was finally there in Mumbai station my friend came to pick me up, he planned the accommodation of mine for a day. Next morning was Monday and he navigated me to Andheri from Navi Mumbai in the local train and that was the journey either I don't want to describe or I don't have the words for it still I try, as if I was the protagonist of the advertisement and shouting aaj kuch toofani karte hain!

The Mumbai greeted me with humidity, local train mess, language hindrance, and last but not the least auto strike, standing in  the middle of the street for almost an hour asking way to saki vihar and every one told me answer but it was different. Finally android came to my rescue and I landed in just front of my office building. Thinking about someone makes up a image in your cerebral, I too had my image of my office, the minute I landed up in the office it shattered and I could hear it echoing my ear for a very long time THERE WERE NO GIRLS!! Everyone was so cooperative (6 people), including me and office boy. I was briefed by my boss for my project blah blah blah of Mutual Fund that was the only thing which I could understand. There was one more intern and he was from IIM. I rest my case on this.

I was finally was working on my project studying in the night, working in the daytime and I am loving the competition with other intern, since we bonded well so there was a healthy competition in the air. When there was a applaud there was a wink and the appreciation in it, and if there was scolding the leg puling session starts all over the IP messenger, with all these I finished my first project in three weeks which was to develop the ranking methodology for all large cap Mutual Fund, for those three weeks I ate ratios I drunk ratios and I slept ratios, this line is not an exaggeration of the facts, the myth about my excel compatibility fell down right in front of me. There was a party thrown we enjoyed a lot had some gala time, on that weekend it was my birthday and I think I got the best gift ever I can have for any birthday.

The briefing of the next project led me into the suspicion that since I had raised my standards and I have to carry it that's a burden but the project I was allotted the project to hard code the finding which I did though I never came for it and I was never expecting it and I can't deny it. One thing that I learned from that never take up a job which your heart doesn't allow because it makes mess of your personality. Due to my labour the personality which I made up till now was shattered as I was becoming lazy and my boss observed it. Finally on the last day of the fourth week after some bitter words to swallow I got rid of my project. Still in my heart somewhere I feel bad that I was not able to perform. Next two days Sunday and Monday I fought my demon which was inside me normally I used to go to my friend places but on those two days I was in my room hibernating.

After that the worst was still to come I entered office barely 2 minutes late and I was practically thrashed and warned, the best part was somehow it fuelled me with the energy I worked so hard for the next one week that my boss softened started to softened his stand after a week or so it started to tend towards normal, but have to admit that it was never a normal.

The second project was for the mutual fund manager attribution system. The 1st step was to clean the prices of the security of all the securities in all the large cap mutual fund, and this was the work which I would never ever forget. Had that energy never fuelled me I won't have finished this work in my whole tenure left for the internship. The worst part was to identify the companies which had undergone any strategic alliance or there were a name change. There were some company which was there just to change their name that even politician would become shy. The hindrance was to get used to sophistication of working on Prowess Database, and yes to decode the symphony of the pivot table and Mr complicated one and only V-Look up in all these time just flew by me. Now, I was engulfed in the corporate sector, things which worried me was now part of the corporate life and just at that time I was serving for the last day of my internship and handing over my data with the proper documentation.

My boss took me to lunch and gave me some useful tips and laughed no he teased me almost for the way he scolded me and my reaction to it. He told me these all things are just part of corporate life and I still remember his words that “don't read anything as bible. I bought some positive change now I have a insight of corporate sector in which there may be no work for a day or you may have to go home in almost midnight. Now I am much stronger mentally and ready for any challenges in my life, this was the real take away for me beside all the knowledge of the subject and various tool such as excel, Prowess and many more. 

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