by Aswini Pattnayak on Sunday 19 August 2012, 12:30 AM | Category: Summer Internship Contest| View: 2192 views

       It is said that ”one can't see the heaven until he dies”. There are some experience which really imprinted on our mind for the life time, which makes us feel this world in a different way, which shows us the real fact behind our polished lives, which confronts the myths in our thinking and the true reality that changes it. Similar kind of incident or one can say an accident,  has given me a lifelong of worthy experience.

It all started from the day I joined in my college, i.e REGIONAL COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT(Autonomous), a reputed college from eastern India, situated at the capital of Odisha. From the beginning of my classes, I used to heard about a term called”SIP”. Slowly ,I got to know that is known as a Summer Internship Project, where the student has to go to one company and do some kind of work to showcase it in his/her CV, also it is required pass in the academics also. I always wonder what does a student do in the SIP! May be he just gets a chance to wonder here and there , enjoys and does some work, and also get some incentives. I had in my mind that SIP will make one feels like the employee of the company, which will feel great. Everything my mind had was just a creamy picture about the SIP. And finally the day came when I got my call letter from “TATA MOTORS”,Bhubaneswar, for my internship in marketing. I was feeling like being at the top of the sky and also started to wonder if I got the chance to be the Manager! it was like “wow!”. But what came latter in my life, only showed me the rough and raw part of my creamy dream.

On 15th May, I joined in Tata Motors under the guidance ship of its manger, the heavy and medium vehicle, commercial segment, before that I was thinking of tata motors for its cool cars and suv's; but then I know there is a vast segment of vehicles here also. Due to the absence of our guide on first day I panicked for some time, but then Mr. Abhhisek Sharma was appointed our guide ,who was the TSM sales. I was planning to get my project done quickly and go home, but as the day passed on I came to know that I have to take a field survey for my project. Then I think how hard it can be! Just go to the customer and ask them few questions and get back. Then the day came, my first day on field! No customer I found throughout the day ,I wandered here and there in search as per the given address! At the end I told myself it was a bad day. Next day again tried just found only one customer. At that time it was the starting of the hottest month and I already started thinking I'm going to burn! Then the next few days were also the toughest days of my life , as it was unbearably hot outside, and very few customer were able to be covered. Then finally I decided its enough I'm not going to do it and I stopped. I didn't informed that to either my internal or external guide. Then after few days I  started feeling guilty for myself. I made up my mind and went to collect data. It was going to be end of June and the summer was taking its toll, I started to go randomly to places where I saw a truck, tipper or a trailer on road or in garages or at filling stations. As I had been in Bhubaneswar around four years, it helped me to locate the industrial areas, and truck depots. In the beginning it was hard to find  out the owners, then I decided to talk to the people who deal with the vehicles directly, i.e. the drivers. Then another big problem arouse that most of the drivers and cleaners were afraid to even talk, maximum of them having low literacy level .When I went to them, they were expecting me as some big official and as I was going to put them in jail! Another problem was most of them tried to avoid me. I tried to make them understand what I was doing .Finally after a long day of fighting with the reality I collected enough information to prepare my project. Then I went to my guide and informed him. First he was angry but latter he got pleased with my findings, and I thought finally its over. Suddenly he said that I have to go another major area of the field for another few weeks. I was stunned, my nerve was breaking at that moment. But at last, I again went for it and collected some more feedbacks and prepared my project report soft copy and took it directly to my guide, to not to give him another chance to say him more! And finally he agreed and praised my work a lot and grant me my certificate. He was gentle and also offered me to work with him. I was so happy that at least I was getting something back for my hard work. I thanked him and returned to my place quickly anticipating that what will happen if he change his mind and ask for another survey!And my internal guide was also so pleased to hear about my work, and i think we both realized that why i didn't show him my face through out the summer for reporting.

Now I know that even if a company is big or small ,on the grass root level all are fighting and sweating. How an industry looks from outside is not what it is from inside. The High society people won't feel the pain while roaming in a A.C car,as much as the car seller has felt in order to sale those. And moreover its really very difficult to sale a costly product to the normal customer like a truck, to a people new in the business rather than selling a batch of soap to the retailer. It  requires a lot of effort,strong mind set,calm head and unlimited willingness. I will never forget this experience in my life. Lastly I would suggest if one is thinking to go in the industry , prepare to be rough and tough ,throughout, otherwise as a sea throws out the garbage back to the shore,  it will automatically throw you out of it!!!  

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