Field Work Experience in FMCG sector

by Mahesh Mutkule on Sunday 12 August 2012, 2:15 PM | Category: Summer Internship Contest| View: 2620 views

Company: Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited

Project Title: To study and participate in launch of Amul Prolife Lassee through Milk Distribution Highway in Dombivali Market (Rural Area)

Objective of the study:

   a) To find out potential market for Amul Prolife Lassee and sale of the product

   b) Find strategy of competitor's

   c) Take the feedback and give suggestion regarding an improvement for Amul Prolife Lassee

Experience:  As Marketing person, field work is the most important task and I want to accept that task and for that purpose FMCG is my first choice to work as Sales Manager which is basic position in Marketing. I got internship in Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Limited (Amul). They give me a Dombivali Market which is most important area as it is a rural market. My professor told me if you got experience in rural market then you will able to do marketing in any market (Urban, Suburban Area and International Level).

On 8th May 2012 my first day of the internship which was started with the meeting at distributor point. He gave me a list of the retailers where he daily placed only Milk products like Amul milk, Dahi etc. He told me to visit these retailers also to study the market share of the Amul Company in Dombivali Market. When I needed any help the distributor also helped me.

During summer internship my worked is to visit each retailer and give them information regarding newly launched Amul Prolife Lassee and create orders for that. There were also some loop holes in the distribution channel, I found out that and all problems sent to our Sr. Sales Executive who is also a in-charge of Amul Prolife Lassee. Most important in FMCG is to create a position of the product into a market. So this is my first aim which I accomplished within 18 days. In Dombivali west nobody knows about the newly launched Amul Prolife Lassee so I decided to do promotion activity through which I promote the product and people also know about the product. To promote the product advertisement is most important tool. For that purpose banners are provided to retailer who gives the orders. Last promotional activity performed in Rajkamal Store where single product is not sold by the retailer. At that day my works was to sale the product and create awareness of the product. For the promotion activity sir (mentor from company) told me to create an advertisement page on which we gave Rs. 2 off on buying the one cup of lassee. So I created that and after verified I took 6 printouts of that. In the morning around at 10:30 am I and distributor visited to that shop with 56 pieces of lassee. During that day I sold 35 lassee and also create awareness about the product. At the evening nearly at 8 o'clock when I came to my home, I received a message (sms) from mentor stating that “Excellent work done by you.” And I am very much happy on that day ……..

Second aim which was achieved by me is to increase the sales in Market. For that purpose my work is to find out potential retailers who give daily orders. For that purpose I clear doubts of the retailer and push the product into the market. Many retailers want to see the product so daily distributor of Amul in Dombivali market gave me two samples of Prolife Lassee to me. When I visited to retailers I showed the sample and generate the orders which helped to place the product into market.

Third aim is to take the feedback and reviews from consumers regarding sweetness, taste, flavor etc. Form this it's clear that most of the consumer like the newly launched Prolife Lassee. One customer told me “I like Amul products which they introduced because quality is most important for which we pay”.

During the field work, on every Friday or Saturday mentor from company visited me in Dombivali and asked me what is situation in market? He told me to study competitor's strategy which helps to place the product into Dombivali market. At that day I got that as sales manager it is very important. On every day I sent a daily report to Sr. Sales Executive and in-charge of the Prolife Lassee.

On 25th June 2012 my mentor told me to start to make a report which you will submit before 3rd July. So I started to make the report and submitted with hard copy and soft copy on 2nd July. When we met, at that day he says me “Mahesh you have a potential to work in any market.” And I am very much happy……

I would like to express my sincere  thanks  to  all  those  who  helped  me  during  my  practical training program.

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