I have laid my marks on them but they failed to mark me

by Kamlesh Tripathi on Friday 10 August 2012, 12:46 PM | Category: Sales Management| View: 2097 views

 I have made my mark on CEAT but they failed to mark me

It was the month of June  when I received word from CEAT TYRES  that I would be invited to take part in their  internship program. With more than 2,000 employees and several hundred million  in revenue, CEAT TYRES  is the leading brand in tyres segment . Studying marketing  as an post graduate had been challenging. I felt that gaining an marketing internship was key to building a successful career. Achieving not only an internship position, but one at such a prominent company, was extremely exciting.

Starting My Internship Experience

I entered the program in July 2012. I met my supervisor who seemed fantastic.  The day I entered the the big bang RPG group I thought the greatest talent is now entering RPG group {CEAT TYRES } but with a mean while I met 45 IIM and top b-school  interns already present their then I felt a bit nervous  the movement was like {on the mountain of sugar ants are getting married}and CEAT tyres had a system in which the best project will be given a {pre placement offer }and I started visualizing that getting a ppo is difficult with such a hard competition with IIMS .2 days was just waiting for the project to come at my  ears then finally my project guide  had created a motivating list of tasks and assignments that I would complete during the internship. These included a whole lot of marketing projects I was divided in bike tyre segment with me 2 IIMS and two top b school students were assigned . on the next day we heard that they were planning to send us outstation at their regional places were they were not so strong in their dealership and some other below the line marketing strategy . I was happy about and started visualizing my dream place uttarkhand ,Bihar Rajasthan and somehow HR came to know that my strength was in these places and I have already visited these places  and know each and every nook and corners orf these places and suddenly my project guide called us and said kamlesh from FOSTIIMA BUISNESS SCHOOL .”yes sir here” you are going to Ahmedabad .and others were told to go Bihar Rajasthan ,Madhya Pradesh respectively that was the most shocking time period of the day I did not wanted to go at Ahmedabad and was place nearer to Maharashtra  I wanted to travel long distance . But I took this as challenge and came to conclusion that the places I wanted to go was my strength and Ahmedabad was my weakness  and iwas given an opportunity to work on my weakness that unaware about  Guajarati and hated their behavior as heard before .but has to swim  in it or drown so the challenged started I filled my travel form in which I ticked flight not bus .Because I always wanted to travel in plane .

The Reality of My Internship

Finally reached Ahmedabad search for hotel was the biggest problem because  it was dark enough at 7 pm but I went directly to the regional office of CEAT TYRES and the regional manager told me about the best hotels fare thinking that I would not be able to adjust in hanky panky hotels,fare was 900 per day that was to costly and my motto was to travel more and spend less amount in hotels because full day I have to spends in field only for night 900 is too much  my luggage was only enjoying in hotel and I was burning outside in sun 48degree sun. thank god to piramal industries” lactocalamine”  which saved my skin . so I shifted to hotel for rs 200 per day that was the cheapest hotel in Ahmedabad  with full of mosquitoes around . and I started every day reporting to my boss to gain attention over the IIMS .i started my project for that I thought for doing survey of over hundred CEAT  customers and over 35 dealers. I stated travelling long distance and my project was focused also in upcountry market {rural areas}some experience was while I used to travel in rickshaw I used to become RTO officer  and when in bus I used to become gsrtc official ,and my hotel room cleaner had bbelieved me as an some crime investigating officer ,so wearing different personality was  very difficult and was also exciting and got some major insights about the place and ground realities of people and places . for my company each and every dealer I met my fist word was Mey  head office Mumbai se aya hu  listening this they started respecting and cribbing about the main problems which was very useful for project and deciding marketing plans /strategy  .ooh water was too salty  in whole gujrat and buying bisleri every 2 hours was not possible because I have to travel in sun so I used to buy  1 rupee water pouch which was to more to quench thirst .and it went on going how 21 days ended never known .I returned Mumbai buy bus because  15,000 was advance given to me for my travel stay expense and I had planned before only the day last 500 will remain that will be my last day to Ahmedabad  and luckily my project research was also done .

Now the main issue came in to how be different enough to stay different from those IIMS  and I was successful in doing that  buy making my project in just 5 hours which they took  3 days for preparing in the whole department I was called buy name not buy the dam {intern}and other iim guys started gossiping about me that I was the biggest competition for them .And project guide used to take my name and scold them about that kamlesh from FOSTIIMA BUISNESS SCHOOL has done really a great job  as a new college chap  I was not taken in their presentation competition because I was not from tier 1 college {words from HR}

                                            But I was given chance to present after all top b schools finished their presentation  and they were not interested before but once I presented in front of the product manager of bike tyres segment. he was shocked to see my ides and strategies and told me to give the copy of my presentation for his meeting that was the day when I felt even if I am not  IIM mba but I am an MBA of fostiima and proud to be .and suddenly my project manager called me to present again after hearing from his colleagues that his strategies can be implemented and again I was patted  on my back and my two strategies are implemented and when I here them today  in z business I really feel that I have made my mark on CEAT but they failed to mark me As if these factors weren't bad enough, the time I did spend at the internship site left much to be desired..

The Moral of the Story

What's the moral of this story? Although my experience was pretty good I will not say bad because partiality from high college is more than to find talent , I also don't regret having taken part in it. I learned several valuable lessons including the importance of having perseverance in the workplace. It was also a great opportunity to learn the specific details of why CEAT tYRES was such an awful place to work. If I were to ever encounter a similar situation or culture down the road, I will be able to recognize it and take appropriate action.

Another point is for students to try and think of a way to make lemonade out of a lemon. In my case, I was able to turn my bad experience into a business where I can help improve internships. Other students may find it helpful to write reflective essays or start a network on their campus where they can discuss and share common internship issues. Internships are always beneficial for the student in some way. The amount of benefit is directly related to how well the host site and the student can mesh together in a state of high-impact work that is deeply educational. At the very least, students will be able to keep their internship on their resume. CEAT TYRES will likely remain on my resume forever – after all, I earned it.


                                                                                                                               Thank you

                                                                                                                             Kamlesh tripathi

                                                                                                                         Fostiima business school {Mumbai}


My project title

To find out customer satisfaction level regarding ceat tyre

To take customer Feedback

Study of exclusive counters to serve customers in better way      To identify the GAP between CEAT motorcycle tyre and competitors with respect to following parameters



     Marketing strategy

    BTL, ATL activities

 From This project a clear cut understanding of difference between us and competitors should come out. The project should also indicate the areas in which we should work to become No1 in motorcycle


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