Life takes you everywhere..!! Internship does too..!!

by Shivam Mehrotra on Friday 10 August 2012, 1:57 AM | Category: Summer Internship Contest| View: 3820 views

8kmph nonstop for a period of 45days would lead you to a distance that I covered during my Summer Internship. Well, not at all being close to a travel agency, my company (mentor) asked me to work on a primary and secondary research project (voted unanimously by all interns as the best project) which required me to travel 8 states, 26cities/towns/villages during that period.

Having had some contrasting journeys like travelling 800km in less than 2 hrs and 80km in 4hrs, I experienced every possible mode of transport ever invented in human history. The story lies beyond travelling. I had to take feeds from some amazing people ranging from labourer who would not understand anything beyond 'Anna' to people of as high repute as the MD of a leading company in India. This also reminds me of how I used to get baffled between 'bhaiya' , 'anna' , 'dada' , 'paaji' and 'veerji'. Which one to use where and when?

'Human is the most adaptable of all species': Happy realization.


Well, research is not a cakewalk too. ‘Why should I tell you my company's turnover?' the most common cross question I faced initially. But well, people find it equally pleasing to tell you how big they are. Here lies the solution. Ask them 3 questions they happily answer and EUREKA..!! EUREKA..!! Simple Mathematics, Turnover is close to:

Total Production Capacity * %capacity utilised * avg. market price of product

                                                                        (Excuse the small assumptions finance guys)

That was about the field work. The office experience will never be less memorable. Who gets to share a smoke with the CEO on the 2nd day of his job? No guys, the company wasn't a start-up. In fact, it will put your general knowledge acumen to test. How come you didn't know of one of the top trading companies in world, the turnover of whose holding company exceeds the GDP of more than two-third number of countries in the world.

Yes, office experience. Thanks to the Ex and Next COO of the company, I get to work in his vacant office. There were instances when I used to forget that I was a Summer Intern. Yes, ranging from instant flight bookings, 3-star stay, office desk, installed phone, advance expenditure, what all and what not, the comfort was beyond words of a summer intern.

OUT OF THE COMFORT ZONE again brings me to put down the opposite experiences that can only make you mentally numb if not handled well. Almost reaching half the boiling point temperature and there you are, amidst of the remotest part of the country where an internet is 10years in future, optimism. Forget, Volvo or other AC buses, a truck that could lift you for good purposes is like finding chilled beer in the desert.

Further, knowing that being a temporary employee you are being sought after for one of the most important project of the company will push you to work even in the shittiest place on the planet. That's exaggeration at its minimum.

To sum up, summer internship can be the best professional experience one can have. The minute I started believing that internship is not a take and take (learning and stipend) process but a give and take (performance and experience) one, was the time I gave in my best for the project. Luckily, it came out pretty well and there was more than one person to be contended with it, the mentor and associates.

The first professional experience could have never been more fruitful and learning.

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