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As a part of MBA programme i have completed my inplant training at good year south Asia tyres Pvt ltd. I am adding this article of my training period which was of 45 days. i am sharing my experience which i have spend during the summer training. My training was in human resource department, it was my golden period to get the full exposer to the industry and to get the knowledge how the companies perform their work and handle the management. I have also came to know that how the work is completed according to the polices of the company.

 I was given an assignment "competency mapping" in which i have came to know that how the competency and skills of an individual are mapped and judged, the mapping helps to identify the gaps in the performance of an employee. The competency mapping is essential in recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisals, career planning, compensation, replacement planning, and succession planning.

The knowledge regarding my assignment and my experience which I have got during the training period I am sharing with you.

if an employee is having a gap in his performance then his performance is measured by the scale points in which the points are given to the individuals by the concerned head of the department and then if needed he is given the proper training. the mapping identifies the skills of the individuals i.e. what are the skills at present of an individuals and how much improvement is there in his skills after the training.



 Competency is an underlying characteristic of a person which enables him to deliver the higher performance in the job role or a situation. The characteristics may include the skills, traits, social role and self image and motive. The underlying characteristic manifests itself in the form of behavior which helps in the identification and measurement of the competency. Competency Mapping is a process of identifies key competencies for an organization and/or a job and incorporating those competencies throughout the various processes (i.e. job evaluation, training, recruitment) of the organization.



  During my training i have also came to know that what are the steps to be followed during the competency mapping which are mentioned below.



  The steps involved in competency mapping with an end result of job evaluation include the following:

1) Conduct a job analysis by asking incumbents to complete a position information questionnaire (PIQ). This can be provided for incumbents to complete, or you can conduct one-on-one interviews using the PIQ as a guide. The primary goal is to gather from incumbents what they feel are the key behaviors necessary to perform their respective job

2) Using the results of the job analysis, you are ready to develop a competency based job description. A sample of a competency based job description generated from the PIQ may be analyzed. This can be developed after carefully analyzing the input from the represented group of incumbents and converting it to standard competencies.

3) With a competency based job description, you are on your way to begin mapping the competencies throughout your human resources processes. The competencies of the respective job description become your factors for assessment on the performance evaluation. Using competencies will help guide you to perform more objective evaluations based on displayed or not displayed behaviors.

4) Taking the competency mapping one step further, you can use the results of your evaluation to identify in what competencies individuals need additional development or training. This will help you focus your training needs on the goals of the position and company and help your employees develop toward the ultimate success of the organization.

  Apart from my assignment I have also came to know how the recruitment and selection, joining formalities made in the organization. The applicants were given the application blank in which they have to fill the details of their education and the qualification, experiences and achievements, and according to the details the applicants were called for the interview. The selected candidates were given the joining form in which they have to mention the past experiences and the job profile, and personal details.


all the above knowledge and experience put together i can say it as "PRACTICE MAKE MAN PERFECT". thank you very much to management paradise for giving me this chance to share my experience and lessons which i learnt during my summer internship. We are here to know to teach.

Thank you.

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