Its my turn to describe Intern ;)

by Aravind Kumar on Sunday 5 August 2012, 3:54 AM | Category: Summer Internship Contest| View: 2246 views

 A student after treading a long journey of writing infinite mock cats and few unsuccessful attempts at Cat/XAT feels elated after finally nailing one of it and getting few IIM calls. The success comes at a price and you have to treat your friends with a costly scotch with getting hangover  for continuously three days.He then realizes that he  has not got admission into IIM and  has to be in the list of 450 out of 3800  by clearing GD/PI which is a herculean task. The guy starts preparing for GD/PI by reading all the crap written in various general knowledge books. He  starts reading newspaper too which he at one time vowed not to do in his lifetime after seeing the mundane habit of his dad reading newspaper since ages every day for 2 hours. After a bit of luck and a bit of preparation, he makes his dream come true and in my case it was IIM Indore.

The guy enters into campus with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. He vows that he has wasted enough time in the past and now it is high time to make up for it.Initially he attends all the classes, listens to lectures intently making notes for every second word of the professor as if they are pearls .

In next few days all he listens from the people around is committee. The guy wonders about the number of committees , tries deciding about which one his personality would better fit in , preparing SOPs and completing the most meaningless tasks in the world. He wonders if there is a committee existing for management of crap and garbage too, and in a b-school lingo ,it is crapcom.He laughs at himself for holding its POR on the resume.

He is always occupied by some assignment/classes and in next few days, the summer placements start and he understands the importance of academics the hard way. After applying too many companies to the field of his interest, of which he hardly receives any shortlists, he starts building a thought that he will / can be good at other specializations and receives few shortlists. In my case, It was Cummins India ltd, and I was lucky to be part of Cummins. I generally like to flaunt and hence I would nevertheless say, even if you admire it or not, it felt good to be part of world's second largest manufacturing company.

Continuing with my journey at internship, it was a  good learning .  I saw both good and bad sides for being associated with the company.

I learnt from the people at Cummins that being disciplined is the foremost thing to be successful in life and all the people who have climbed the corporate ladder pretty fast were not necessarily genius but were disciplined. Most of the people at the company were genuinely good and It was nice to meet a good boss and helpful employees after seeing a lot of people bitching about their bosses in the companies I have earlier worked with.

My intern started with meeting a lot of people from top management and some inspiring and some boring sessions of them. I was trying to see from those people about what it takes to be big like them and crux of the lesson was to be disciplined.

Being a mechanical engineer, though I was not a good one, I vaguely remembered the concepts I have learnt in engineering, it was a nice experience to see those concepts in application. I was a great feeling to see huge machines at work which makes the life of man so easy. Cummins were primarily into building engines for ships, locomotives and heavy duty trucks. I learnt the concepts of how an engine is built from the scratch after making individual parts. The concepts of assembling and machine drawing which I hardly studied for semester exams during engineering were happening in front of me and I was enthralled to be a part of it.I was thrilled seeing assembly line on which engines were moving continuously and people working on the engines at a matching pace.

Cummins was similar to a government company with some hard working people and some hardly working people. The bad side of the intern was my experience with the hardly working people and to make your task to progress further was a difficult thing to do when you have some of the work to be done in association with them. As I don't want to sound too technical, in layman terms, my project was on eliminating need of stores for critical parts of engines. It required analysis of deciding the space at the assembly line, frequency of order to the vendor, time taken by the vendor to deliver and few other technical parameters.

I learnt about how to deal with clients and customers and it was worth an experience as these things will help in the career further. It was a good experience spending time with co-interns helping each other at the problems and issues in our projects.

After slogging for few weeks, as my nature is, I started relaxing a bit and spent my weekends and some of the weekdays too, sipping few beers after office along with my friends in engineering who were working in pune. As expected, my reviews from the top management about the project were average.

On the last day of the intern, I along with my co-interns was taken to a nice restaurant for lunch and it was good listening to their perspectives about work and life balance. All in all, it was nice experience of working on a project for 2 months discovering yourself, the effort to put in ideally and the effort you actually put in.

The key take away is learning discipline and success will more or less come to you. Fate may delay your success but it can't deter it .Considering my efforts at intern I am not very sure of the PPO, but anyways it is an experience worth describing. A PPO from a good company is a nice thing to have, but not having is not the end of the road.

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