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Summers in Bank of Baroda

by Parikshit Loke on Thursday 2 August 2012, 11:25 AM | Category: Summer Internship Contest| View: 22750 views
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Hello everyone reading my article, I, parikshit loke an Arien by birth is quite impulsive which is why many a times i bang my head also. I am a very indecisive person. U leave me alone in this world and I would like to do everything in this world. So was the case when i joined my B school We school as they say. Mumbai welingkar is stone's throw from my home but destiny had some special plans cooking  and so here i was in We school Bangalore. When i joined I was eager to learn everything not knowing where to go. Everything that came my way in the form of professional teachers from IIMs was making an impact and i was thinking of pursuing that as my carreer. Be it Operations. Mktg and finance I used to take in all in diff lectures.(Apart from HR). Every lec my specialisation was changing like a chameloen. Finally after some introspection Finance is what i decided to make my carreer. This article would not be enough to explain why.


Now by the time i had chosen finance it was internship time. I was so happy not because I had got in BOB a grt PSU bank but because I was coming to mumbai(Ghar ka khana) after some 8 months. i came to mum on 29th april and joined BOB on 2nd May 1st being holiday. 1st day i went to the 5th floor of Corporate office Bkc . There were another 10 more sets of students from various colls chilling out as they say. I quitely sat down on sofa (a Bank job was always a dream since i had given a couple of bank PO exams though i was an engineer !! ) The Hr manager came after some time and brought some sheets in which we had to fill some basic info.The 2 things which highlighted my eyes were NO STIPEND and Please don't ask for placements after the internship. Well Ok is what i said and went with her as she was ascorting students to diff floors as they were assigned their topics and departments. I with another one from a local coll was assigned SME division. The 1st day The DGM asked us about SME and told us to read MSMED act. Somehow after a couple of days I was not  interested(again its a big story which this artcile won't suffice). I had preecided that I wanted to make a carreer in Risk management. After which I was one of those lucky fellows who was given Risk management But since i had no prior experience of it and it had too techanitilities like Var Montecarlo stress tests etc. which is very difficult to learn and make a project in 2 months!!!(In one of my previous internships it took me 2 months only to see the company wholly). So after roughly 1 month I was shifted again This time in TREASURY in the adjacent building Sun towers as they say. So again I was one of those lucky few waho roamed in 3 big depts along with in library and exploring BOB wholly.


In treasury I completed a project on Duration mangement Bond yeilds etc. It was all about fixed income and a lucky to have an understading boss who aloowed me to do the project and explain many things on the trading floor in barely 1 month when the IIM stuednts were already leaving. For once i did complete the project and submitted the copies (the usual formalities 3 copies to college 3 to bank etc etc) On the final day the HR manager did ask jokingly so which dept did u work for SME risk or treasury. I said I worked for BANK OF BARODA and bid goodbye.

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